Covid 19: Causes, Symptoms, Impact, Treatment, Vaccines

Covid 19 or 2019 novel Corona virus caused pandemic situation throughout the world. The Covid 19 spread initially in Wuhan City of China and then the outbreak began in whole world. About 213 countries have been affected by this virus and the numbers are growing exponentially daily.

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What is Covid 19?

Corona viruses are a group of viruses that causes the infected person some respiratory illness, common cold and Fever. Covid 19 is the newly discovered disease due to Corona virus and it usually spread through the droplets of saliva or the droplets and discharge through the infected when they cough or sneeze.

What are the Symptoms of Covid 19?

The symptoms that may or may not occur if a person is infected with Covid 19 are given below. Please consult your doctor if you experience some of these symptoms –

  • Most Common Symptoms
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Tiredness
  • Less Common Symptoms
  • Sore Throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Muscles Aches and Pains
  • Rashes on Skin
  • Loss of Taste and Smell
  • Marks on Fingers or Toes
  • Serious Symptoms
  • Chest Pain or Pressure
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Loss of Speech or Movement

Above are all the symptoms that may occur if a person is infected with Covid 19. In most of the cases these symptoms are mild or patient is even asymptomatic. However, severe symptoms and high risk can occur if an old or a person with other disorders like asthma, cardiovascular disorders happens to get infected.

How To Prevent Covid 19?

Covid 19 mainly spreads through the through the droplets of saliva or the droplets and discharge through the infected when they cough or sneeze. Below are some of the techniques of Prevention from Covid 19.

  • Wash your hands as frequently as possible with soap and water or with alcohol based (with at least 60% alcohol) hand sanitizers.
  • Avoid touching your face, nose and eyes to prevent the virus from entering the body.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with face mask while near people.
  • Avoid Smoking and other activities that inhibits the performance of our lungs.
  • Maintain social distancing (at least 1 meter) while near large groups of people. Avoid unnecessary travels and stay at home if you fell sick.
  • Cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing. Do not spit anywhere.
  • Use disinfectant on the households things and the things which you borrow and use frequently.

Covid 19 Impact on Humans:

Covid 19 has affected billions of lives in every way possible be it socially, mentally, physically or economically. Physically Covid 19 affects us causing us common cold, fever, sour throat, weakness, lack of smell or taste and shortness of breath but in the long terms the risk increases. It is found that the in long term the Covid 19 affects our Lungs badly, Covid 19 can also cause some cardiovascular and brain disorders and overall it worsens our immune system.


This Pandemic also has an impact on human behavior. As human beings are social animals and we love to socialize but due to Covid 19 and social distancing our social lives are affected a lot which also affected us mentally and a lot of people are now suffering from depression and anxiety due to the fear of Pandemic.

Economically this covid crisis has cost us the greatest global recessions in decades. All the big and small businesses are hugely affected by this covid crisis. Unemployment rates are sky rocketed. All the industries were shut due to lockdown. Work from home is being promoted. An estimated of 3.5 trillion dollars of loss was calculated due to Covid 19.

Treatment of Covid 19:

Till Today there are no vaccines or medicine available for the treatment of Covid 19. Covid 19 generally does not require any special treatment as the patient itself gets cured from Covid 19. However, some of the practices that may help in treatment of Covid 19 are –

  • Take rest, eat nutritious and healthy foods and drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid getting in contact with others, isolate yourself, use a separate room, separate bathroom and toilets.
  • Sleep well and enough and stay active, maintain your mental health to avoid depression and anxiety.
  • These Tablets are considered helpful during the treatment of Covid 19
  • Pan 40mg Tablet
  • Limcee Tablet
  • Zincovit Tablet
  • Dolo 650mg Tablet
  • Ivermect 12mg Tablet
  • Tayo 60k Tablet
  • HCQs 200mg Tablet
  • Consult your doctor if you experience shortness of breath or other severe symptoms.

Covid 19 Cases Worldwide!

The numbers of Covid 19 cases are rising exponentially till date. On the date of this writing there are a total of 23.7M cases of Covid 19 worldwide, out of which about 15.4M have recovered and 814,000 lives have been lost. US is worst hit and it is the charts with 5.83M cases with 2.97M recovered and 180K deaths. Brazil and India are not too far behind with 3.62M and 3.17M Covid patients respectively. The Pandemic was started in China. However, the situation is now under control in China.

Covid 19 Vaccines!

Scientist and Researchers worldwide are working to make the vaccines of Covid 19. But till date there are no positive indications about the vaccines. However, some companies have claimed about the vaccines they made are enough to cure Covid 19 but none of them have been certified and licensed yet. Major biotech companies are working on various technologies to develop the Covid 19 vaccine like –

  • DNA Based
  • Protein Subunit
  • Non Replicating Viral Vector
  • RNA Based
  • Inactivated Virus
  • Replicating Viral Vector
  • Virus Like Particle
  • Undefined
  • Live attenuated virus
  • Replicating Bacterial Vector

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Some countries like India (Delhi) and USA are working on Plasma Therapy for the treating Covid 19 patients and it is showing positive signs. Some countries like Russia have claimed to develop Covid vaccine but there claims are being questioned and these Vaccines are still under development. Hope we get Covid 19 Vaccines as soon as possible and save millions of lives…

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