Meganeuron OD Plus Capsule: View Uses, Side Effects, Price, Dosage, Composition and Substitutes

Composition of Meganeuron OD plus Capsule:

Below is the composition of Meganeuron OD Plus Capsule.

  • Alpha lipoic acid
  • Biotin
  • Benfotiamine
  • Methylcobalamin
  • Folic Acid
  • Pyridoxine

Usage of Meganeuron OD Plus Capsule:

As a medicine Meganeuron OD Plus Caps is used to cure following conditions:

  • Nerve damage – It helps in recovering in the case of Nerves Damage.
  • Helps curing pain due to neurological disorders.
  • Folic Acid in Megneuron helps preventing Hair loss.
  • Helps in controlling High cholesterol.
  • Treatment of megaloblastic anemias due to a deficiency of folic acid.
  • Treatment of anemias of nutritional origin, pregnancy, infancy, or childhood.
  • It helps recovering from Biotin deficiency.
  • Helps in recovering infants suffering with Seborrhoeic dermatitis.
  • Prevention of complications of diabetes.
  • Help patients in recovering from Thiamine deficiency.

How to use Meganeuron Od Plus Capsule:

Meganeuron Od Plus Caps is used as an Multivitamin medicine to cure numbness, nerve damage, pain caused due to neurological disorders, high cholesterol, and diabetic polyneuropathy. The effectiveness of medicine is strictly depends on the severity and condition of patient. It works in different ways as per patient’s age group, gender and the medical history. Dosage of medicine should be followed strictly as prescribed by Doctor.

  • Meganeuron Od Plus Caps is available in form of Capsule and should be taken as prescribed by doctor.
  • Meganeuron Od Plus Cap should be taken with or after food.
  • Medicine should be taken as whole and should not be crushed, broken into parts and chewed.
  • Meganeuron Od Plus Caps should be taken on the equal time interval.

Adverse & Side Effects of Meganeuron Od Plus Caps:

If a medicine is used to cure some kind of health problems, along with the intended benefits there are chances of getting a few unwanted side effects too. Side Effects may vary from person to person so doctor should be consulted for medication, and dosage. The most common side effects of the Meganeuron OD Plus Caps are the following:

  • Some common side effects of the medicine are like Nausea, Abdominal Pain, Gastrointestinal discomfort and Vertigo.
  • Some other less common side effects are like Rashes, Anorexia, Headache, Diarrhea, Vomiting, .

Precautions and Warnings while using Meganeuron Od Plus Capsule:

  • Pregnancy – Intake of Meganeuron OD Plus Caps during pregnancy is not advisable, medication should be consulted with doctor.
  • Lactation – Information on Safety during lactation is not available so please inform your doctor.
  • Driving – Meganeuron Od Plus Caps effects during driving are unknown, so please consult your doctor before medication.
  • Diabetes – Information not available, so please consult the doctor.
  • Alcohol – Information not available, so please consult the doctor.
  • Liver – Information not available, so please consult the doctor.
  • Kidney – Information not available, so please consult the doctor.

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