Karnataka Launches AI Driven Hospitals to deal with Covid-19

Karnataka’s Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar announces the launch of AI driven movable hospitals which are designed in the form of Pods to prevent the widespread of Covid-19 and other airborne diseases.

These movable hospitals are designed and developed by collaboration of Vevra (a Bengaluru based startup) and a Portugal based Internet firm And these pods are referred to as Vevra Pods.

AI Driven Hospitals

On the launch of these Pods, the Minister said “Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform healthcare” and he also encouraged the startups to focus on developing feasible solutions which can be beneficial for the masses.

These AI Driven Hospitals, Pods are available in five variants namely General Pod, ICU Pod, doctors stay Pod, scanning room Pod and Operation theater Pod. Each Pod can assist and house about four to five beds. These Pods require an area of about 500 sq feet and they can be place anywhere.

These Pods allows the natural light to enter but at the same time they provide a safe area for the health professionals by controlling the quantity and quality of the air through HEPA filters, UVC lights and a high end exhaust system. These Pods provide a antechamber airlock room and thus it helps in the containment of airborne disease such as Covid-19, TB and Flu.

An official said “these pods also monitor the oxygen supply pressure, the oxygen concentration in ventilators or breathing system. These Pods have anti-bacterial wall, chemical resistance flooring and fire resistance structure and they also accommodate all the basic necessities such as Toilets, Fire Alarm, extinguisher and nurse call system.

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