How to Reduce Depression risk in this COVID 19 Pandemic

As we know that, we human beings are social animals and we love to interact with people around us. Researches also observed that living alone and less social interactions can badly affect the mental health of a person. So here we’ll discuss, “How to Reduce Depression risk” in this Covid 19 period.

How to Reduce Depression risk

American Journal of Psychiatry recently published a study on habits and behavior of people. During the lock-down researchers studied about the behavior patterns, mental health, depression, self isolation amid the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. It is also discovered that having social interactions like meetings with friends and relatives, having an active social life, attending social events and assembles with people are all beneficial in affecting the mental health of a person in a positive way.

Psychiatrist Jordan Smoller at Harvard Medical Faculty said “Far and away essentially the most outstanding of those components was the frequency of confiding in others, but in addition visits with household and pals, all of which highlighted the essential protecting impact of social connection and social cohesion.”

The Researchers studied about the variation and casual effects of a known function and about the interactions which affects our mental health and increases the chances of depression. The research was conducted on 100,000 participants and it is found that lifestyle, surroundings, social interactions and environmental changes affects the mental health of a person significantly and reduce depression risk.

Loneliness, emptiness and living away from the family and friends can increase the risk of despair. It is not necessary for a person to be physically present near you it is found that even calling your family, friends or the person you love can have astonishing affect the mental health of a person.

So keep calling your relatives & friends be always there to give a support!

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