Cipla and Stempeutics Collaborates for the launch of Stempeucel for the treatment of CLI

Cipla announced its collaboration with Stempeucel Research for the launch of Stempeucel which is the first made in India cell therapy to treat Critical Limb Ischemia. Cipla has now received exclusive rights to manufacture and market Stempeucel medicine in India.


Critical Limb Stempeucel is a condition in which severe obstruction arteries occurs which leads to reduce in blood flow in various parts of the body and thus it may cause severe pain, skin ulcer and sores. Cipla official said that “we are happy that we are able to introduce this stem cell therapy at an affordable cost. Its very important for people in this covid 19 situations to have such a treatment of CLI.

Cipla MD and Global CEO Umang Vohra said, “Our focus on innovation is guided by our strong sense of responsibility to address unmet patient needs and alleviate suffering. We are pleased to see that our decade-long partnership with Stempeutics has achieved a significant milestone”.

Stempeutics MD and CEO Manohar BN added, “We are excited to receive this marketing approval from DCGI for this very important indication. In CLI, fatty deposits block arteries in the leg, leading to greatly reduced blood flow, pain at rest, non-healing ulcers, and gangrene. Patients with CLI are at an immediate risk for limb amputation and death. Now Stempeucel provides hope for a new, effective treatment and a better quality of life for such CLI patients. Also, Stempeutics is committed to advancing its peripheral artery disease programs in CLI to other parts of the World”.

Stempeutics is the first approved cell therapy for the treatment of CLI in the world. However, the company has not mentioned about the pricing of the medicine but they said it will be available for a cost effective price.

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