6 Crucial Steps Involved in the Vampire Facial Procedure

Your skin appearance is one of the things that determines your mental wellness. Notably, when you have glowing skin, you feel better about yourself, especially in front of people. However, as you age, your skin starts developing wrinkles and age spots which can take a toll on your attractiveness and lower your self-esteem. Surprisingly, you do not have to worry anymore if you suffer from aging signs since vampire facial Cypress has covered you. 

If you are ready for the vampire facials, you need to understand the following 6 steps of the procedure.

Blood Collection

The procedure usually resembles the usual blood test, which starts with collecting the blood sample. The medical specialist uses a fine needle and vial to draw about five to fifteen milliliters of blood from your arm. Consequently, the specialist seals the vial carefully in readiness for the next step.


At this stage, the specialist puts the blood sample in the centrifuge device, which rotates the sealed vial on the fixed axis. Centrifugation aims to separate the platelets from the blood and form a concentration rich in platelets. The activation of the platelets stimulates the growth factors, enhancing the healing properties. The health providers may conduct second centrifugation to achieve more precise results.


Your doctor will apply the cleansing agent, such as ointment, before the micro-needling processes to enhance numbness during the injection. The specialist will then gently glide the treated area using the needling device, which creates slight wounds on the skin.


Your health provider will repeat the preceding steps in all parts of the face, especially those with wrinkles and fine lines. Once the specialist administers the plasma into your skin through injections, the plasma is ideal for facilitating the blood clot necessary to regenerate the new skin.

Application of Hyaluronic Acid

After the injections, it is good to soothe the skin to limit the chances of painful inflammation. Hyaluronic acid is one of the components that can help you alleviate the pain after the injection, which is rich in vitamins and is an effective treatment. Your specialist can also apply ice to the injured area to ease the pain.

LED Facial

Despite being optional, the LED facial is crucial in igniting the recovery process. You should be ready for this procedure to achieve more desirable results for your skin. Usually, there is less downtime; thus, you are sure that your skin will be in good condition within a few days after the LED facial. You will start enjoying the overall improvement in your skin when the platelet-rich plasma begins to spread in your blood.

Facial lines and wrinkles are inevitable as you grow old, especially when exposing your skin to harsh environmental conditions. The aging signs on your face are extremely frustrating since you may not refurbish them using traditional skin maintenance techniques. However, with the invention of vampire facials, you no longer have to worry. Guljeet Sohal, MD of Balle Bliss Luxury Medical Spa, and her team conduct effective facial treatment to restore the youthful appearance of patients with aging signs. 

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