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When you purchase medicines with Trumeds, you buy medicines online with discounts of up to 72%. Did you know that? Truemeds is India’s app to buy medicines online with discount that stands for convenience and cost-effectivity with quality medicines. It is India’s best medicine delivery app as it offers discounts of up to 72% on anything and everything you order. Truemeds understand its customer’s need and is a reliable healthcare destination for them.

buy medicined online at best price

Why are your brand-name drugs sold by local pharmacies and apps expensive?

  • Local drugs or other apps selling brand-name drugs sell excessive prices on drugs due to monopoly pricing. When a new drug comes to the platform, its developer has to regain the money spent on the drugs’ production and quality assessment. Thus, the company has to charge more, leading other apps and local drug stores to charge more.
  • Brand-name drugs are usually sold at higher prices due to their repeat testing on animal and clinical studies to prove effectiveness and safety.
  • Branded drugs are marketed well on the television or online medicine selling apps, which require a good amount of money. To compensate for the money, manufacturers sell drugs expensively.

Also, the involvement of a middleman in medicine supply causes your local medical stores to charge more on medicines than their original price.

Your local pharmacist or apps don’t provide discounts on their medicines. If they do, it doesn’t seem like a proper discount.

All these reasons for the higher price of medicines make it difficult for commoners to buy medicines and become a financial burden.

Truemeds understands the financial burden on customers of purchasing expensive medicines and is trying to contribute its bit of support.  if you deal with moderate fever then use zerodol p The best medicine delivery app of India sells generic medicines that are the same as brand-name drugs. The effectiveness and dosage of generic and branded drugs are the same or better.

Better because:

  • The best medicine delivery app of Truemeds sells government-approved generic medicines. The cost of generic medicines is comparatively lower than brand-name drugs due to no monopoly.
  • Generic medicines usually do not have to repeat the same animal and clinical studies multiple times to prove their effectiveness and safety.
  • Drug manufacturers selling generic medicines don’t promote or market their medicines on TV and apps.

The best medicine delivery app supplies medicines directly to you from the production factories and doesn’t involve any middlemen. Thus, sell medicines at their original price.

In addition to these benefits, Truemeds offers a discount of 72% on anything and everything.

Other benefits of the best medicine delivery app of Truemeds:

  • Convenient for everyone
  • The app requires less time to order medicines
  • Registered by RoC-Kanpur
  • Sell medicines only with a valid prescription
  • Sell CDSCO approved medicines
  • Provides free doctor consultation
  • Range of choices in medicines
  • Fast delivery
  • Always available and supportive customer service

Try Truemeds if you want to buy medicines online with discount online!

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