HBA1C Normal Range (Levels and Chart) and Why is Done

What is HBA1C Normal Range Chart

The Hba1c test diagnoses type 1 and type 2 diabetes. If an individual has high blood sugars, this test may monitor how well he or she manages the sugar levels. The test results indicate the average blood sugar levels of a person for the past 2-3 months. Precisely, the Hba1c test evaluates the percent of haemoglobin proteins present in a person’s blood that are coated with sugar. The other term for this is, glycated haemoglobin in HBA1C Normal Range. Hemoglobin present in RBCs helps in transporting oxygen.

HBA1C Normal value

The greater the value of A1C, the poorer is the blood glucose control and greater is the risk of diabetic complications.

Goal of Hba1c test

The outcomes of a Hba1c test may assist a healthcare provider in the following ways:

  • Diagnose prediabetes. If a person is prediabetic, he or she is at a greater risk of diabetes and heart ailments.
  • Diagnose type 1 and type 2 diabetes. To certify a diabetes diagnosis, a healthcare provider loos at the outcomes of 2 blood tests done on different days, either 2 Hba1c tests or a Hba1c test in combination with a second test. This second test may be a fasting or random blood glucose test.
  • Monitor the diabetes care plan. The outcome of a preliminary Hba1c test also aids in establishing a baseline Hba1c level. After that, people repeat the test frequently to monitor the diabetes care plan.

The frequency of a Hba1c test is based upon the type of diabetes, treatment plan, how well a person meets the treatment goals. For instance, the Hba1c test might be advisable:

    • One time each year in case a person is prediabetic.
    • Two times each year if a person does not use insulin and the glucose level is steadily within the target limits.
    • Four times each year if a person uses insulin or faces difficulty while maintaining the normal blood sugar level.
  • A person might require more-frequent Hba1c tests if a doctor alters the diabetes care plan or start consuming a new anti-diabetic drug.

Results of HBA1C Normal Value

Hba1c test outcomes are reported as a percent value. A greater Hba1c percent indicates greater average glucose levels. Outcomes for a diagnosis are indicated as below:

  • Under 5.7% is normal.
  • Prediabetes is 5.7% to 6.4%.
  • 5% or higher shows diabetes.

For many diabetics, a Hba1c level of below 7% is a common treatment goal. Higher or lower goals might be suitable for a few individuals. The target of below 7% associates with a reduced risk of diabetes-linked complications. If the Hba1c level is more than the target value, a doctor might advise an alteration in the diabetes care plan.

Hba1c and Self-Monitoring

Diabetes care plan involves self-monitoring at home using a glucometer or other glucose monitoring device. A doctor would direct a patient about the frequency and time to test the levels of blood glucose.

Self-monitoring reporting of glucose levels is done in mg/dL or mmol/L. The evaluation indicates the glucose levels at the time a person performs the test. HBA1C Normal Range Hence, there is some inconsistency seen during the day depending upon consuming, physical activity, stress and other factors.

Self-monitoring assists a person in crafting choices in relation to diet and exercise and daily treatment objectives. However, it also aids in tracking how a person HBA1C Normal Range meets his or her A1C target. For instance, if the A1C target is under 7%, the self-monitoring glucose levels must be, averagely, under 154 mg/dL.

Hba1c test outcomes usually match the following outcomes of glucose levels:

Hba1cEstimated average glucose level (mg/dL)

Tips for improving Hba1c levels

  • Craft routines. People must go for testing utilizing a glucometer, take medications or insulin, and exercise at nearly similar duration every day. This helps to create routines in order that an individual never forgets the self-care activities. Also, it helps a doctor in identifying patterns in the glucose levels.
  • Shorten the carb consumption. A kitchen scale aids in evaluating the precise portions of carb-comprising foods. People can use an app such as Calorie King to discover the precise carb content of foods. It works great in assisting any person to remain on right track.
  • Augment physical activity, even in small amounts. People can walk for at least 10 minutes after each meal. It has been seen to make the levels of blood glucose better. People must keep on moving and must be physically active.
  • Reduce stress. Stress is found to spike the levels of blood sugars. Hence, people must discover ways to relax their body and mind. They can go for a walk, spend time with a friend, read a book, do yoga, or visit a therapist for receiving proper support. All these makes up a great self-care, chiefly when an individual is diabetic.

Follow a healthful diet to keep blood glucose in check. If a diet is short of reasonable nutrition, an expert dietician can be a great help. A registered dietitian or a health coach professional for diabetes reversal is present at Breathe Well-being. Breathe is a natural Diabetes Reversal Program.

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