What are Feminized seeds?

There’s nothing quite like browsing through a catalog of exciting marijuana variants of all different types. While scrolling through, you may see the term ‘feminized seeds’ right next to the name of your favorite strain.

So, what are feminized seeds, what makes them so special, and how are they any different from other types? How are they made, how do you germinate them, and are they easy to grow?

You’ll find the answers to those questions and more right here. You’ll also discover the five best feminized marijuana seeds for sale on the cannabis market right now.

feminized seed

Embrace your feminine side and get ready for an in-depth look at the wondrous world of cannabis feminized seeds!

What are feminized seeds?

It may surprise you to learn that cannabis plants have two genders. You can grow female and male crops from your marijuana seeds.

Feminized seeds develop into female plants when you cultivate them. Male and hermaphrodite weed crops can pollinate your ladies, impregnating them, resulting in buds full of seeds.

Many marijuana breeders specifically create feminized seeds to eliminate the male chromosomes. Female plants produce the cannabinoid-rich weed buds we harvest and consume to enjoy the recreational and wellbeing effects.

Regular reeds vs. feminized

When browsing cannabis variants online, you may notice the term ‘regular’ as a choice for some cannabis strains. So what are the differences when it comes to regular seeds vs. feminized? 

Regular marijuana seeds are generally cheaper to buy as they have a 50/50 chance of producing male and female plants. Buying feminized cannabis seeds guarantees you a 99% prospect of lady weed crops and has a higher purchase price as a result.

The weed plants won’t reveal their gender until at least six weeks after germination. The appearance of little pollen sacs on the nodes is a sign your marijuana crops are males.

Quarantine your male plants immediately if you don’t want them pollinating your female crops. Many growers tend to discard males as they don’t produce the resinous, potent buds that the ladies display.

Regular seeds are ideal if you wish to experiment with cross-breeding and create a new and unique strain. Folks usually discard the developing male plants, but you can grow them, harvest the seeds for future use, and make hemp rope from the stems.

Feminized seeds vs. auto flowering

When it comes to feminized seeds vs. auto flowering, there are a few major differences between the two types. Most auto flower seeds develop into female plants, producing lovely potent buds in their flowering stage.

Feminized photoperiod plants stretch and grow in harmony with the seasons and grow depending on their exposure to lightness and darkness. Autoflower crops grow all year round and enter various life stages at a certain age, without light cycle influence.

As female weed seeds are photoperiod, the longer flowering time produces bigger yields when harvest time approaches. The yields from autoflower crops tend to be much smaller due to their short life span. 

Feminized seeds are usually beginner-friendly as they have a longer life span and enable you to rectify cultivating mistakes. Autoflower crops can take as little as 8–10 weeks from germination to harvest and don’t allow room for error.

So if you’re a rookie cultivator looking to flex your green thumb, growing feminized seeds is the ideal choice for you.

How are feminized seeds made?

So, how are feminized seeds made? Here are two techniques used by breeders to create female-only cannabis seeds:

  • Interrupt the light cycle: Disrupting a healthy female plant during the flowering stage by stressing it out can produce feminized seeds. It’s a more natural approach if you’re not keen on spraying your cannabis plants with a solution.
  • Use a silver thiosulphate solution: You can control your weed plants’ gender with a thiosulphate solution treatment every day. This spray impedes the development of ethylene, and the lady crop produces male buds with pollen sacs. This plant can then pollinate another female crop and produce feminized marijuana seeds.

How to germinate feminized cannabis seeds

If you want to take advantage of the increasing daylight hours during springtime and start planting, you first need to germinate your feminized seeds. Whether you’re a rookie grower or an expert cultivator, you can apply various techniques to pop those hard shells.

We’ll now look at some of the popular methods you can use to germinate your feminized weed seeds:

  • Damp paper towel method: This germination technique has a high success rate. Place your feminized cannabis seeds on a dinner plate between two damp paper towels and cover them with another plate of equal size.

Store them in a warm, dark place for up to 5 days, ensuring the paper towels remain moist. When healthy white taproots sprout from the shells, transfer them into your chosen medium.

  • A glass of warm water: Although this method seems straightforward, there’s a huge risk your cannabis seeds can drown if left in the water for more than 24 hours. Put your weed seeds into a clear glass of warm, purified water.

It’s important to remain vigilant and remove them from the water after 24 hours have elapsed. As soon as you see white taproots popping out, remove them and place them into their new home.

  • Seed plugs and cubes: These innovative products are ideal for rookie growers. Place your feminized pot seeds into the precut holes in the containers and fill them with purified water.

Check on them regularly until you see healthy taproots emerge from the shells. Carefully remove them from the container and put them into their new medium.

  • Straight into a pot of soil: Some marijuana growers put their faith in Mother Nature and let her do the work. Plant your feminized seeds no deeper than an inch into a pot of nutrient-rich, moist soil.

Ensure your soil medium stays damp, warm, and cozy for your weed seeds at all times. You can also use heating pads or lamps to aid the germination process.

How to grow feminized seeds

First of all, you need to determine what feminized seeds are right for you. You’ll need to survey your environment as some weed strains are more vulnerable to extreme weather conditions like excess humidity and sudden frosts.

Remember, feminized cannabis seeds produce photoperiod marijuana crops, and they grow depending on the illumination they receive.

If you’re cultivating your marijuana seeds indoors, you’ll need a decent lighting setup to adjust cycles and trigger various life stages of your cannabis plants. For now, we’ll look at how to grow feminized seeds from an outdoor perspective.

  • Germination: Germinate your feminized seeds during springtime using your chosen method. The cotyledons appear, shaking off their shells. Move your seedlings outside in the middle of May so they can take advantage of the increasing daylight.
  • Vegetative stage: Your marijuana plants will stretch and grow during their vegetative phase in the summer. Ensure you supply them with a healthy diet of nutrients and trim and top the crops if necessary.
  • Flowering stage: The cannabis plants from your feminized seeds start producing flowers when the illumination pendulum starts swinging in favor of darkness. Their growth slows, and the potent buds grow thicker and bigger, brimming with THC.
  • Harvest: Harvest time depends on the weed strain you’re growing but usually occurs after the fall equinox or as late as November. This time of year is when you cut down your female crops to dry and cure the harvested buds for consumption.

Remember to abide by your state’s marijuana laws at all times. You can’t germinate or grow cannabis if it’s illegal to do so.

Top 5 best feminized seeds

With such a wide and exciting range of weed strains available, how do you know what ones to choose? Browsing through a catalog of cannabis feminized seeds may seem overwhelming, but you’re sure to find the right ones for you.

If you can’t decide what marijuana seeds to select, we’ve compiled a small list of the most popular choices of 2021 among cannabis enthusiasts. Here are our recommendations for the top five best feminized seeds available on the market:

  • Blue Dream feminized seeds: You’re 99% guaranteed beautiful, berry-scented buds and generous yields with these popular feminized sativa seeds. Blue feminized weed is a Californian favorite, and its 20% THC content provides an energetic buzz with uplifting cerebral highs.
  • White Widow feminized seeds: Good luck trying to find a cannabis enthusiast who hasn’t heard of these award-winning indica seeds. Harvest substantial yields up to 32 oz. per plant and enjoy a creative and euphoric experience with White Widow feminized marijuana.
  • Jack Herer feminized seeds: Jack Herer cannabis is a true sativa legend on the 420 stage with 24% THC content and delicious pepper and pine fragrances. Embrace the euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting sensations with these easy-to-grow feminized marijuana seeds.
  • Northern Lights feminized seeds: View the lights and harvest generous yields with these sturdy indica feminized cannabis plants. Northern Lights weed sweeps your tension away, leaving you relaxed from head to toe, as sweet mint and pine tastes linger on your tongue.
  • Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds: Get ready to forget where you live with these immensely powerful hybrid weed seeds. Gorilla Glue feminized cannabis seeds contain 28% THC and provide substantial outdoor yields of sweet diesel and earthy fragranced buds.r

If you want to see a more extensive catalog of feminized seeds, check out an online US seed bank and visit the website.

Where to buy feminized seeds

If springtime entices you to grow an army of ladies during the summer, you may be wondering where to buy feminized seeds. If you live in a Green state permitting marijuana cultivation, you can find them available in a recreational or medicinal dispensary.

If there isn’t a cannabis establishment in your locality, you can order feminized marijuana seeds online. Many US seed banks offer great value weed seeds with high-quality genetics and fast, discreet shipping.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a prime example of a reputable US company with a large selection of feminized seeds for sale. The legendary Kyle Kushman even offers his insight and opinions on new and classic weed strains available on the market today.

So, bypass the high dispensary prices and conveniently order your favorite marijuana seeds online. With so many feminized cannabis seeds to pick from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Feminized seeds: more bang for your buck

We can see why feminized seeds are the most popular choice for cannabis fans. With such a variety of exciting marijuana strains to choose from, you’re 99% guaranteed female weed plants with mouth-watering flowers.

Feminized marijuana seeds offer more bang for your buck, especially if you intend to consume the harvest buds. Most female strains are also beginner-friendly, enabling rookie growers to strengthen their cultivating experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get online and order yourself a batch of female seeds and cultivate a green army of ladies lush in big, beautiful flowers!

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