The Major Pros and Cons of Being a Doctor

Becoming a physician is no easy task. However, the rewards are just as high. Still, some people might consider the negatives to be a little too noticeable as well. Fair enough, we say. That’s why today we will be going through the major pros and cons of being a doctor.


We hope that this article can help you decide whether or not this career path is the right choice for you. Feel free to leave us a comment down below with anything we might have missed.

The Good

Let’s start with the pros of becoming a doctor:

A High Salary

It’s a well-known fact that doctors earn a lot of money. But you need to work hard to be able to fill in a doctor’s shoes, and not everyone is able to do so, which is why there are so many physician jobs out there.

Veritable, Enviable Reputation

Doctors are viewed as superior by many people. While some may be wary of going to the doctor or might be against concepts like Big Pharma, most people praise physicians for all the things they do for mankind.

You Can Work From Almost Anywhere in the World

Doctors are in high demand in just about any country you can think of. Because few people actually manage to finish med school with flying colors, doctors from other countries are more than welcome to fill in the empty shoes.

Your Job Is Guaranteed To Stand the Test of Time

People will always need medical care. Period. Unlike other professions, your career won’t come to a sudden stop just because of technological evolution. Rather, you’ll be working alongside machines to help out people.

You Can Save Lives

Yes, doctors literally save lives every single day of their careers. Even the mildest flu could have still been fatal had it not been for advancements in medicine.

The Bad

Now let’s see a few bad parts about becoming a doctor:

There Can Be a Lot of Pressure

It’s not just hard to become a doctor, it’s also hard to be one in general. Having many patients or simply having numerous difficult cases can really put your nerves to the test. This job isn’t for everybody, and many will find this out the hard way.

You Have a Long Road to the Top

Until you can become a doctor, you’ll have to finish med school and then some. High tuition fees, long seminars, tons of exams, an extended school life (two or three more years than other colleges), and so forth. Becoming a doctor is a pain in its own right.

Malpraxis Won’t Let You Sleep At Night

Doctors are still human and they can make mistakes. However, their mistakes can often affect another person’s life, which doesn’t go well with people who have a conscience. And on top of that, the legal ramifications can spiral out of control. Speaking of which…

There Are Lawsuits to Worry About

That’s right, probably the biggest worry you’ll be facing as a physician is comprised of bureaucracy and its legal ramifications. Sadly, there’s a lot of bureaucracy and legal battles to put up with if you want to keep practicing the job that you love.

Some Patients Are Difficult

When working as a doctor, you’ll be working with humans first and foremost. And as you probably already know, people can be hard to work with. Some patients can’t cooperate even if their life depended on it, others simply can’t stand seeing a needle or even the smallest drop of blood. Either way, you’ll need to deal with them a lot more often than you think.

The Bottom Line

Being a doctor is hard but it’s also highly rewarding. If you choose this career, you will need a lot of patience and passion. What’s your opinion on this? Leave us a comment below and share your experience with us.

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