The Complete Guide to buy Cannabis Seeds

Do you want to cultivate the best pot possible in the comfort of your own home? Start with Cannabis seeds to ensure success. Here, the all-things-cannabis specialists at i49 explain what seeds are and why they’re your best choice for a quick and easy do-it-yourself harvest.Cannabis are seeds produced by a pot plant whose parents were both females and from which seeds were produced.

Banana Kush feminized seeds

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

XY genetics ensures that all of the plants produced by Cannabis seeds are of the seedless female form, as there are no male parents in the mix (thus the name) (XX genetics).Because of this, there is virtually no chance that the seeds you plant will turn out to be male, which is great news for you, the grower.

Using cannabis raises the likelihood of receiving a female plant from 50% to nearly 100%. Your seeds will almost certainly mature into a female plant with seedless buds (the holy grail of ganja growers everywhere).

With those odds in your favor, you won’t have to spend much time and effort removing male plants from your growing space.Furthermore, you won’t have to be concerned about the possibility that the female plants that do appear may be pollinated and generate a seed, which is a less-than-desirable outcome.

Why Are Cannabis seeds Better?

If you want to cultivate only resin-filled flowers from your grow operation, you should only use Cannabis to start your plants.It all boils down to the fact that Cannabis seeds result in female plants, which is the case.

Female plants left unpollinated tend to produce more abundant and more potent buds since they don’t have to spend their energy producing seeds. In essence, fewer seeds mean more energy for the flowers to produce.The way it works is as follows.

When the days become shorter during the late summer months, female cannabis plants begin to blossom.The flowering phase is the period between the appearance of the first symptoms of flowering and when the buds are fully ripe and ready to be harvested from the plant.

The presence of male cannabis plants will almost always result in the pollination of female cannabis plants, which will result in the production of seeds during the flowering phase (this is just how nature works).Female cannabis plants that have not been fertilized, on the other hand, survive longer and continue to produce flowers for up to a month longer than their fertilized counterparts.

At the same time, the plant’s stem and leaves cease to grow, and it focuses all of its energy on developing larger, more developed buds (flowers).Increased production of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids results from the extra metabolic energy that is made accessible, which would otherwise have been used to produce seeds.This is what makes Cannabis seeds superior.

Higher Concentration of THC

A higher concentration of THC results in a more intense psychedelic experience. A higher concentration of CBD results in a more intense medical experience. Furthermore, higher terpenes and flavonoids result in a superior tasting and smelling end product.As previously said,  seeds develop into plants that do not reproduce by producing their seeds.

There are no seeds in the finished product (the blooms) that the buds are easier to use when it is time for you to consume the wacky marijuana.Cannabis consumption used to be a time-consuming and labor-intensive pastime before growers discovered how to feminize seeds (and cultivate only female plants).

To extract the seeds from the buds, you’d have to first root about in the sticky go with your fingers to find them.Then, and only then, could you begin to grind, roll, bake, or bong your way through the day?

The smoke you inhaled would soon taste burned, and the room would smell like the inside of a coal furnace if you, for some reason, elected to omit the de-seeding process (not the dank fragrance you were used to).

This rummaging about in your buds to get seeds was a real pain in the neck. Additionally and probably most crucially it hurt the potency. The more you handled your buds; the more cannabinoids clung to your fingertips and other body parts.While it is possible to roll that sticky substance into a hash, most users would rather that it remain on the buds, where it can be used to great effect in the joints they roll and the bowls that they pack themselves.

Effects in Some Individuals

Cannabis seeds and the female plants they produce eliminate all of this trouble, allowing you to enjoy a more pure experience.All that is required is to grind, roll, light, and enjoy cannabis. The great majority of them generate seedless buds (sinsemilla), capable of producing a variety of psychotropic or therapeutic effects in some individuals.

While having a nice marijuana experience is important, it isn’t the fact that your buds were grown from Cannabis that matters the most.The quality of the strain from which those seeds were derived and whether or not the plant that produces the bud you smoke was cultivated organically are the most important considerations.

In the case of low-quality buds, such as mids and regs, a low-quality end product will be produced.Any psychoactive or medical effects you may have may be diminished due to the low-quality end product.

Whenever you’re growing your weed to make edibles, roll a J, or pack a bowl, make sure to utilize Cannabis from the highest-quality plants you can get your hands on to ensure the best results possible.

Growing any strain is permissible if the seed stock was derived from a healthy, prolific parent.You may end up feeling dissatisfied and downhearted if you don’t follow these instructions.

Organic Strain

As an added benefit of using an organic strain. You’ll consume less cannabis to achieve the desired effects (a small amount of high-quality cannabis can be very effective), and you’ll be protecting yourself from harmful fertilizers, heavy metals, and pesticides that are used in conventional farming.

Keep in mind that all cannabis products are derived from the cannabis plant in one form or another.Because chemicals were used to treat the plant, traces of those chemicals may linger in the product you consume.

You may completely avoid this problem and enjoy cannabis in its purest form by using the highest-quality products available on the market, such as those from i49.If you live in Colorado, seek some Marijuana and see what it’s like to have the purest marijuana experience possible on the plant (hint: it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before).Visit today for more information and you can Buy Cannabis Seeds in general, as well as to browse our selection of 100-percent all-natural marijuana-infused goods.

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