How to get government jobs after MBBS?

Do you know MBBS is the only noble profession that not only gives you a rewarding career, but also gives you the status of God in the eyes of patients.
Students have many options after completing MBBS. For example, either they can further their education or they can do jobs.


There are many students who want to take their studies further. MS and MD both are post graduate courses. MS is a master’s degree in general surgery while an MD is a master’s degree in general medicine. In both the degrees you can take admission only after completing an MBBS course.

Generally, the study area of ​​MD includes the non-surgical branch whereas MS covers only surgical studies. In simple words, if you want to become a heart surgeon or neurosurgeon then you should take admission in an MS course after completing your MBBS.

But, if your dream is to become a General Physician, then you have to take admission in an MD degree course. So let’s know more about how you can get a job after MBBS?

1). After passing MBBS, how and where students can apply for government jobs:

Some doctors practice in private hospitals and institutions by clearing entrance exams and passing MBBS exams of prescribed duration. Whereas some doctors prefer government jobs.

Those doctors who want to work in government institutions can apply in government hospitals as per their choice as they organize from time to time. These hospitals keep on releasing Government Jobs for Doctors information in this regard for their vacancies in all the major newspapers  of the country and on their web sites.

2). Public Service Commission

The country’s main government job giving institution is the Public Service Commission and one can easily become a government doctor by the examination conducted by it.

3). Nuclear Power Corporation of India

Applications are invited by this institute for the posts of various doctors. After doing MBBS students can become government doctors in this institute form.

4). Indian Army

It is the dream of almost every doctor to work as a doctor in the Indian Army. Here medical students can serve the country along with jobs as doctors, nurses or caretakers.

5). The Union Public Service Commission or Railway Recruitment Board

UPSC is the leading government job giving organization of the country. It keeps on inviting applications from time to time for various posts related to the medical world which can be from entrance exam to direct interview.

6). Public sector

The public sector of India also gives MBBS students a chance to serve. Steel Authority of India, the premier institute in this sector continues to process the application for various posts.

7). State health department

In this, you apply from an understanding of the clinical area in each state’s health department to work in different positions in your specialization.

8). Health Journalists

This is a very innovative field for those who are interested in doing something different. Your MBBS degree will help you to become more aware and informative about the recent health trends and you can really get a different angle in this field. It gives you a completely different place to live.

9). Medicine Professor

This is a very good profession. The art of imparting knowledge to others is very interesting and beneficial. This profession adds a lot to your personality, which in turn makes you more sophisticated and unique.

10). Medicine/Pharmaceutical Researcher:

This field is very current in today’s world. An MBBS graduate can do serious research in the field of pharmaceuticals. Anyone who has the urge to explore and discover something new will really find it interesting.

11). Sports and Exercise Medicine: (SEM)

This is a very new and recognized medical specialty, it deals with the medical conditions and injuries of people in relation to sports and athletics. This is a very trendy area and the opportunities are huge and interesting.

12). Occupational Therapist:

In this role, you can be a health advisor to an individual or organization. If you are working with a well known organization or important people then this role can be very responsible. It deals with a lot of management and leadership traits when dealing with this type of profile.

13). Transplant Coordinator:

In this, you coordinate activities related to organ donation and transplantation. They hold meetings with medical and non-medical people at different stages. They also manage the reversal of donors and recipients of post-surgical care…

14). Other Institutions:

Various government institutes of the country keep inviting MBBS students to work here. Some of the prominent names are Union Public Service Commission and AIIMS.

In many states, there is an appointment of a government doctor appointed by the Public Service Commission in PHCAS, CHCA, Sadar Hospital.

After doing MBBS in the above-mentioned government offices and departments, there is a possibility, it is only necessary that the degree holders apply for the posts to be conscious, apply for the posts and get the government job after passing.

After getting an MBBS degree, candidates have infinite possibilities, options are there in which type of post they want to do a government job by choosing which field from the above.

MBBS: A Window to Innovative Opportunities So MBBS graduates, many opportunities are waiting for you!

Final words: –

Most of the people in India want to get a government job after doing MBBS. Most of the people want a government job because there are many benefits of security in this field. Whether the person is more educated or less educated, but when it comes to government jobs, everyone is busy preparing for it.

Why not getting a government job has become very difficult in today’s time, so if you have acquired an MBBS degree and you want to do a government job, then according to the information given by some govt job portals, you can get a government job.

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