Common Types of Cannabis Seeds

Growing marijuana in your own home is thought to be one of the most soothing things you can do. When you produce your cannabis plant, you may experience the entire process of cultivating a plant and the marijuana advantages. It is thought that cannabis has numerous health benefits, so it is always good to know your seeds whether you are using them to treat a medical problem or for recreational purposes.


There are many different cannabis strains available on the market, with some being superior to others. We will discuss the most popular types and their attributes in this section.

1. Early XXX

If you are new to producing Cannabis, buy marijuana seeds to start with. As the name implies, this variety will mature faster than most others, and you will be able to enjoy your plant in approximately two months.

You won’t have to worry about finding the ideal location because this strain can thrive inside and outside. One fully grown herb will yield approximately 500 grammes once planted.

This plant has 15% THC and is 60/40 Indica/Sativa. This means that when you smoke or use marijuana, you will feel cheerful, calm, and quite comfortable. According to users, this strain may cause you to get distracted and forgetful. It is not advised if you need to concentrate on your work or look for anything to energize you.

2. Black Domino

This strain is claimed to have one of the most distinct flavors and is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. It has a spicy flavor with smokey undertones that enhance the whole experience.

THC levels range between 20% and 25%, and the plant is entirely Indica. So, if you’re seeking something to help you rest or have insomnia, this is the seed you should acquire.

This herb is also indicated for persons with digestive problems or battling eating issues. It is an excellent strain for coping with various sorts of discomfort because of its pain-relieving characteristics.

It takes around two and a half months for the plant to mature, and one of them yields between 300 and 500 grammes of marijuana.

3. Dark Angel

Dark Angel seeds are another great option for beginners. It is a cross between Indica and Sativa, expressing both portions equally, and is believed to provide a sense of happiness and total relaxation.

If you’re seeking something to help you ease pain in various regions of your body, this is the type for you. It contains about 20% THC and will flower in about two months.

Users report that they are incredibly inexpensive seeds you can get, whether you’re producing this plant for yourself or starting your own business. One plant yields approximately 500 grammes of output, and the cannabis variety can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. You may learn more about the quality of this seed and which others you should try this year by visiting i49.

4. Cheese

However, despite the name suggesting that this herb has a salty flavor, it is pretty sweet and has a fruity scent. In this case, it is a hybrid between several other strains, and it is said to be the most popular form among users worldwide.

The majority of users agree that this is one of the simplest plants to grow and requires little work on your part. You should be concerned about only one thing: making sure that the herb has adequate space to develop. It is highly resistant to most plant illnesses, so you won’t have to worry about it as much as you would with other plants.

Because it contains a high concentration of Sativa, you will feel invigorated, cheerful, and full of energy when you consume it. It takes slightly more than two months for the strain to reach full maturity, at which point the THC content is less than 20%.

5. The THC Bomb

Although the THC content of this herb is approximately 20%, it is not the most potent plant available on the market, despite its moniker. The fact is that these seeds are among the most straightforward to germinate this year, which explains why it is one of the most widely distributed plants on the planet.

It is most commonly utilized as medical marijuana due to its numerous medicinal benefits. When you use it, users report that you will experience the textbook health benefits and feel relaxed, euphoric, and possibly a little sleepy, according to the company.

A single plant of this hybrid, which is made up of three-quarters Indica and one-quarter Sativa, may yield up to 600 grammes of potent weed. It takes approximately three months for the plant to mature, and there are two different varieties of this strain available.

Other seeds that you might be interested in experimenting with are as follows:

  • Easy Sativa
  • White Widow
  • Caramelicious
  • Early Vixen
  • Big Bud XXL

If you are a rookie in the marijuana growing industry, you need first conduct extensive study and select the most appropriate herb, to begin with. The majority of the seeds we’ve listed here will not cause you any problems, so you should start with those.

Choose a plant resistant to fungal plant diseases that will flower more quickly if you want to maximize your harvesting time. If you require assistance, you can always turn to the professionals who work in the seed stores.

Check to see how many plants you are legally permitted to grow in your house, and pay close attention to the amount of water and sunlight that the herbs require to thrive.

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