7 Easy Ways to Cope with Infertility and Unsuccessful Pregnancy

7 Easy Ways to Cope with Infertility and Unsuccessful Pregnancy 1

Every adult male and female wants to become a father/mother of a healthy and cute baby. After marriage, they try to bring a child into their life. And for this, they do whatever they can do, from having unprotected sex to infertility treatments at the best IVF centre. On their way to unsuccessful parenthood journeys, both males and females are equally responsible. Whether the issues are in males or females, women are more stressed when they are not able to get pregnant.

Not being able to get pregnant means either you

  1. Avoid waiting for two weeks and letting this time take you over 

After having unsuccessful efforts to conceive, the two-week time is very tough for you. Usually, you have a higher stress level and you feel nervous. You don’t have any interests in anything. And the time between your next period and ovulation seems like a year for you. Here are some steps that you can take to make your mind off from what you are feeling:

  • Schedule a date with your life partner
  • Watch your favourite romantic movie
  • Read a meaningful, light, and positive book
  • Collect ingredients for preparing and cooking a totally different dish
  • Spend time with your friends and well-wishers

7 Easy Ways to Cope with Infertility and Unsuccessful

  1. Know your feelings 

To lower your infertility or miscarriage stress, you should comprehend that what you have right now is totally normal. It’s not you only, but most females like you have to go through such a situation. Having miscarriages, pregnancy failures, or IVF treatment for a longer period is physically, emotionally, and economically draining. You should control your feelings and come out of your current situation. Move ahead to start your normal life again.

  1. Be angry and cry if you have such feelings 

You should never try to repress your feelings of guilt, anger, or sorrow. Move forward and cry if you need to do it about the unfairness of the birth announcement, or pregnancy. Hit a punching bag, pound a pillow, and do whatever you want to do for the release of your anger. After addressing and releasing your anger and emotions, you will feel better and get more energy to face the situation you have now or will have in future.

  1. Share your fears and queries 

While dealing with unsuccessful pregnancy or infertility, many questions come into your mind. And you may have people (family members, relatives, friends, neighbours, or well-wishers) around you. Some of them can answer your questions and comprehend your concerns & fears. If it’s not, you should book an appointment with a counsellor or psychiatrist at a reputed fertility clinic in your locality.

  1. Let you grieve 

Not being able to be pregnant for the first or second time, or having unsuccessful pregnancy/infertility doesn’t mean you will not be a mother. You can have a successful pregnancy and give birth to a baby in future through other ways. Even if you know it, you shouldn’t have unresolved grief. You should go through a period of mourning to make you feel better. And for this, you can talk to your hubby, best friends, or a close well-wisher. You can also write down your feelings on a paper and tear it after finishing your writing.

  1. Communicate with your partner

Infertility can cause problems in your married life. These problems could be inadequacy feelings, unknown resentment, sexual pressure, and tension between both of you. A male and a female respond differently to infertility or being childless. Men act emotionally at a distance while women are distraught openly. Both of you should talk to each other when you think it is causing problems in your married life. Look for help from a counsellor when talking to each other doesn’t solve the issue.

  1. Stay connected with your family members and friends

Being alone in the current situation can cause more toll on your life. You should open up and start talking to or sharing your feelings with family members. Instead of talking about your pregnancy/infertility, you should talk to them about other topics that relate to your hobbies, job, family progress, etc.


Stress related to infertility or unsuccessful pregnancy can create huge problems in your life. To face it well, you should grieve, let your anger come out, avoid waiting, stay connected, think positive, and talk to experts. You will have a better life and you could be a mother of a cute baby in future.

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