Recovering After an Auto Accident Means Addressing Body, Mind, and Spirit

The process of healing after an auto accident contains no shortcuts. After suffering an injury in a car crash, full recovery requires a significant amount of time and attention. Certain injuries may take weeks or perhaps months to totally heal, based on the severity of the harm done, any pre-existing medical conditions and how accepting a person is of treatment. Besides often causing bodily harm, car accidents also affect the victim’s mind and spirit. According to the Law Office of James McKiernan, a Santa Maria injury lawyer, “every part of you goes through trauma during an injury, so make sure you focus on all parts of you during recovery, as well.”

Recovering After an Auto Accident

There are no ultimate answers about how long the recovery process will last. However, you can take certain actions that will put you on the path to healing physically, mentally, and spiritually. More details are provided below.

Steps to Healing the Body

Treating the body after an accident can be a long process. The best way to ensure a complete and quick recovery is to follow the treatment plan that’s prescribed by your physician. This will include the following course of action:

  • Take time off from your job and limit normal activities to allow your body to heal
  • Take all of your prescribed medications
  • Take part in regular physical therapy sessions
  • Do all exercises recommended by your therapist while at home
  • Arrange and attend follow-up sessions with your doctor for check-ups

If you believe that some aspects of your treatment plan are not having the desired effect, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor instead of simply stopping the plan. Jointly, you can talk about alternative approaches to treatment that will be more successful for your healing process.

Steps to Healing the Mind

Make Sure You Interact Regularly with a Loving Support System

Relate regularly with your friends and family. They can be of great help while you heal. A positive support system will be able to elevate your mood and ensure that you stay motivated in following your prescribed plan of treatment. Depending on the nature and extent of your injuries, your friends and loved ones can also help you go about your daily routine. They might provide transportation to and from appointments with your doctor and therapist as well.

You may also want to seek added emotional support and guidance from a counseling psychologist or a spiritual advisor. It’s completely normal for a distressing event like a car crash to result in nervousness, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) over the long term. So don’t feel shy about seeking help if you’re experiencing lingering psychological or emotional issues while recovering from your accident. If you’re not sure about who to consult, ask your doctor for some referrals.

Be Patient throughout the Healing Process

Most importantly, it’s necessary to remain patient while healing. The process of treatment and recovery of the body, mind and spirit may be drawn out and challenging. You might experience setbacks or feel as if you’re failing to make any progress on the path to healing. Help yourself to keep moving forward by sticking to your prescribed treatment plan and continuing to care for your body’s needs. The progression of healing is different for everyone and happens on varying timelines. The main thing is to follow the steps listed above. If you do so you’ll provide yourself with the best possible odds of making a full long-term recovery and returning to the activities you cherish.

Steps to Healing the Spirit

The trauma and distress of experiencing an auto accident can linger deep within you even after you’re well again physically. The body is a complex organ and total recovery is not just about getting back your normal range of motion, being able to lift heavy objects again, or being free of pain.

No two individuals ever heal in the same way, even if they underwent a similar accident or were even in an accident together. So, in order to heal, you have to create your own remedy. Bring together the resources, group of people, and activities that you need to support yourself, nurture yourself, and let go of what’s emerging and/or coming apart within you.
 You need to become the kind of person who understands how to engage in a copious amount of self-care.

The following is a list of resources for promoting post-accident wellness.

  • Chiropractic help
  • Massage therapy
  • Keeping a journal
  • Practicing meditation
  • Painting and collage
  • Taking baths and going to hot springs
  • Going on spiritual retreats
  • Stargazing
  • Working with herbs
  • Taking nootropics or “smart drugs” to enhance your brain functions

This list is not complete in any way, but may be important to you on your path to healing after an accident.

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