NIIN Primed Pouches Citrus Chill

The transition of Nicotine pouches: 

Nowadays, nicotine pouches have become very common among people, especially non-smokers. The nicotine pouches are just like the snus pouches because they are created to be used between the lips and gums, you do not need to spit afterward. However, an interesting fact to be noted is that they do not consist of tobacco leaves. But they do contain nicotine which is dehydrated.

NIIN primed pouches

They also don’t require to be kept cold; these pouches also contain different flavors and several sweeteners, and scents. Indeed, life has become so simple after the invention of these nicotine pouches. Researchers have shown that nicotine pouches appeal to young people and non-smokers even more because it’s synthesized and free from tobacco, which is devastating for lungs.

The world is progressing more and more every day, so human beings are creating new ways to make new things. Those days are gone, when people used to be scared of the use of tobacco thinking that it was harmful to their health. Now nicotine pouches are created more safely and conveniently.  However, you must consult with the physician or your doctor before consuming it.

What are Niin primed pouches?

NIIN primed pouches Citrus Chill is another way to move from the traditional way of tobacco to a new and alternative way of consuming nicotine. NIIN is selling 100% anti-tobacco, smoke-free, and mess-free nicotine pouches which are quite safe. The size of the porches is 34 mm which consists of tobacco-free nicotine. The strengths of each pack are 3-milligram and 6-milligram consists of unique flavors.

Features and five signature flavors:

Every pouch of nicotine is characterized by a smooth, soft, reliable micro-perforated paper to make sure that the flow of nicotine and the absorption of the flavor is more consistent. NIIN Zero Tobacco™ Pouches are also very convenient to use. You can read directions on how to use them on their official website. There are five signature flavors available on sale:

1- Citrus Chill

2- Wintergreen

3- Cool Mint

4- Spearmint

5- Cinnamon

Ingredients used in NIIN pouches: 

Before using any product, please make sure to read the ingredients of the product to ensure your safety. As far as NIIN pouches are concerned, they consist of the following ingredients:

Potassium, Non-Tobacco Nicotine, Cellulose, Salt, Bicarbonate Glycol, Sodium, Potassium, Vegetable Glycerin, Acesulfame, Sucralose, and Sorbate.

The average shelf life of a NIIN primed Citrus Chill pouches: 

The average life of a NIIN primed Citrus Chill is 9 months as the official website of the product claims. But you must choose a cold place to protect your product from the sunlight.

To put it in easy wording, NIIN primed Citrus Chill pouches are safe to use by adults but make sure to follow the directions given by the product owners. The official website itself ensures that this product isn’t intended to be used by minors (below age 13), women who are expecting a child or breastfeeding women, patients who have heart disease, and patients who face problems with high blood pressure.

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