Feminized seeds are superior to other seeds

When it comes to cannabis, as in any other field of agricultural development, farmers typically want to optimize plant production and quality while making the cultivation process easier. This, of course, pertains to cannabis seeds, which have undergone feminization.

How to buy feminized cannabis seeds online

Only female plants can be produced by the sorts of feminized seeds. To comprehend how this process works, it’s important to first realize that cannabis is a hermaphroditic plant. That is, it is a live being with both female and male sexes. The sexual hermaphroditism that distinguishes cannabis seeds is a survival mechanism for the plant. Its hermaphroditism, for example, permits the plant to change sex due to the external conditions in which it thrives.

Before we get further into the subject, let’s clarify the descriptions of each of these varieties of cannabis-growing seeds. So i49 is here to clear that If someone wants to start cultivating their own cannabis plants, they must consider a number of factors, one of which is determining which sort of cannabis seed to produce.

Characteristics of Regular cannabis seeds

First-generation seeds, often known as regular cannabis seeds, are included in the first group. Cannabis seeds of this sort are those produced by male and female plants. Contrary to popular assumption, normal seeds are difficult to grow; therefore, in the hands of skilled growers, these seeds produce better outcomes.

To be effective at growing cannabis from ordinary seeds, you must have the experience and aptitude to recognize and distinguish between male and female seeds. This allows you to separate them before they flower, preventing pollination and the formation of seeds in the grass.

Characteristics Feminized cannabis seeds

The mystery known as feminized cannabis seeds is the finest alternative for a good and copious harvest. For folks who are just starting out in cannabis farming, using this type of seed is the most convenient harvesting approach. Feminized seeds produce far more numerous output with fewer seeds planted. This reduces the investment, as should be expected when utilizing other forms of seed.

Many feminized seeds, like the Cannabis Cup, must go through a particular treatment to improve the quality of their shoots, which involves being processed with colloidal silver, and results in the formation of female pollen required for reproduction. As a result, purchasing feminized seeds can ensure a high success rate while growing and harvesting your own cannabis harvests.

Characteristics Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

First of all, we have to know the term ‘’autoflowering’’.  It’s a feature that plants inherit from the autoflowering seeds are born from. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a kind of seed that blooms automatically regardless of the number of daylight hours. According to experts, it is great that autoflowering cannabis seeds with feminized in the last ten years.  These seeds are distinguished primarily by their short flowering period, as they are ready to harvest after about 50 or 60 days of flowering.

Advantages in the production of feminized cannabis seeds

The feminization technique, in which a female plant is encouraged to produce male pollen so that a seed can develop, is used to make feminized cannabis seeds. Plants with entirely female chromosomes are bred.

This assures that the plants that produce the cannabis seeds will also flower as females, producing the resin-laden flowers that female plants are known for.

  • Female cannabis plants are induced to yield male pollen, and feminized cannabis seeds, from which female plants develop, are produced.
  • Resin bud tips can only be produced by females.
  • The significant advantage of feminized seeds is that a small number of seeds can thrive and provide a decent yield even under the most inhospitable conditions.

Which seed should you use for a better yield and quality?

In general, feminized seeds produce a far higher quality and yield in crops than autoflowering seeds can.

Cannabis plants grown from feminized seeds grow and blossom faster, generating a far superior result and higher levels of CBD, much like other crops.

Female seeds make the most of resources, reduce the amount of labor necessary, and increase the return on investment (water, land, care, etc.). They also generate plants with a speedier growth and flowering process, resulting in more results and, of course, benefits.


We know that the genetic enhancement of marijuana is a multibillion-dollar enterprise. From the start, we must understand that there are male and female plants that pique people’s curiosity.

When we sow seeds without knowing their gender, we must focus on removing all-male plants at the end of the crop to avoid fertilizing the female ones, which would sabotage the target yield.

As a consequence of the mentioned genetic development, there are now high-quality feminized cannabis seeds with the assurance that all female plants will produce vigorous and attractive branches. The outcomes are more predictable and consistent with them. This purchase option is strongly recommended if at all possible.

Although some traditionalist producers still believe that conventional seeds are the greatest option for sowing, statistics and results from feminized seeds in recent years have only served to illustrate scientifically and practically that feminized seeds are, without a question, the best alternative among cannabis seeds.

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