Breast surgeries are no more a privilege for celebrities, most women can now afford it

Despite the popularity of breast surgeries, most women do not want to admit to undergoing the procedure to improve their attractiveness and sex appeal.  It seems that the average woman feels shy of admitting that they needed some breast improvement or augmentation procedures as it would be a sort of resentment of their womanhood.  However, the affordability of various cosmetic procedures is driving more and more women to the experts at Stratus Plastic Surgery to undergo some breast surgery, mostly related to breast augmentation and breast lift and a few others for breast reduction. Leading Hollywood celebrities of the yesteryears like Pamela Anderson and Elizabeth Hurley, followed by recent names like Jenny Mccarthy and Carmen Electra, to name a few, have significantly popularized the breast surgical procedures for achieving a more shapely and desirable body.

Breast surgeries

Boosting self-esteem

Women are extremely sensitive about their breast shape and size, which determines their desirability among men. Although body shape improvement seems to be the most significant gain from breast surgery, the underlying psychological gains often go unnoticed. Since women’s breast size directly affects their self-esteem, the more significant gain from breast surgeries is that it makes women more confident about their bodily appeal. Post-surgery, women are ready to take on the world with aplomb as it helps develop a more impressive personality that improves their looks and their overall appeal. Women are then ready to present their best side to the world and ready to make a mark in everything they indulge in.

Feel more empowered

Women are so concerned about their breasts that not having the desired shape or size can cause a severe psychological setback that translates into low self-esteem. As a feeling of inferiority sets in, it becomes a handicap for them to make their presence felt and be counted. Although beautification is the primary objective of breast surgeries, the resulting confidence does a lot of good for their wellness and wellbeing. Breast surgeries empower women and help them carve out a place of their own in a crowded space as their presence can create a flutter that would be otherwise lacking before the surgery.  Women might feel insecure due to their poor shape and size of breasts that can threaten their existence, and getting things corrected would make them feel like going through a rebirth as they start creating their stories of success.

The rising popularity of breast surgery indicates increased awareness among women about the importance of possessing the most attractive body that upholds their personality in the best light. Most women suffer from mental complexities as they feel that they have smaller breasts; hence breast segmentation is the most popular procedure today. In 2020, cosmetic and plastic surgeons in the US conducted 252,022 breast surgery procedures followed by 296,601 procedures of liposuction.

The figures are indeed quite impressive because it happened when various Covid19 restrictions were in place, and in normal times it might not be wrong to expect that the figures would almost double.

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