8 Mantra’s to Stay Healthy with Diabetes

While it is tormenting to be a victim of diabetes, who says it is not possible to live a healthy life with diabetes? You can still do it by focusing on the right diet, staying fit, using diabetic care products, and religiously taking the right medication.

According to WHO ,millions of people from low-lying and middle-lying areas are suffering with this disease. Diabetes is caused mainly due to the incompetency of the pancreas being able produce insulin.

Mantra’s to Stay Healthy with Diabetes

Wondering of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for a person with diabetes? It can save him/her from issues such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity, gyneac complications like PCOS in women and many other hassles.

That being said, this condition can be rectified if you are aware and live by some of these healthy lifestyle tips for diabetes. Read on to know the mantra’s of living a healthy life with diabetes!

Mantra 1 – Get A Thorough Health Check-Up Done

If diabetes is genetic and you doubt your child or you might have the disease, immediately get diagnosed, go for regular medical check-ups and monitor your blood sugar levels, and watch out for symptoms or signs of diabetes.

What are the symptoms?

  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Urinary infection
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Itching

Thus, ongoing for a health check-up you are ensuring to live a healthy life with diabetes and if there are concerns, you can always rely on diabetic care products.

Mantra 2 – Set Goals by Examining Your Present Condition

If you want to be sure of living a healthy life with diabetes, examine it periodically by making a note of what your condition is vs how it should be. It is quintessential to do so before it affects the heart or worsens your present diabetic condition.

Make a note of the following:

  • Your existing blood sugar levels and cholesterol.
  • Find out about your A1C.
  • Check blood pressure levels and ask your doctor of what the blood sugar levels, and cholesterol numbers should be.

Mantra 3 – Talk to Your Diabetes Specialist Often

Be it finding out about the safety of diabetic care products or clarifying your myths and facts about the condition, make it a point to talk to your health-care expert often.

It is a diabetologist who can give you a better picture of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for a person with diabetes. Having said, proactively ask your doctor for the right meal plan, seek help in making goals to manage diabetes, and don’t miss out on going for regular tests.

Mantra 4 – Sip On 3 Bitter Juices

Along with using diabetic care products to stay healthy and keep diabetes in control, try sipping on 3 healthy juices every morning.

  • Bitter melon juice – Has the potential to control blood sugar levels and enables necessary glucose to store itself in the liver, muscles, and fat to be used when required.
  • Spinach juice – The presence of glycaemic index in this juice, stabilizes blood glucose levels.
  • Amla juice – It improves carbohydrate metabolism which helps keep the insulin in check and stabilizes the blood sugar levels.

Make one juice each day and drink it on empty stomach early in the morning. Add lime to enhance the flavour.

Mantra 5 – Sweat It Out – Exercise Regularly

One of the healthy lifestyle tips for diabetes is regular exercise. Studies claim that one can fight against type 2 diabetes with brisk walking. In addition, any cardio workout for 30 minutes every day can help too.

Mantra 6 – Ditch Alcohol and Nicotine

To live a healthy life with diabetes, it is a must that you give up on unhealthy habits such as consuming alcohol and smoking.

Drinking alcohol makes your body incapable of producing the right amount of insulin. On the other hand, smoking is known to be the major cause for type 2 diabetes. Besides, insulin levels drop down due to nicotine.

Therefore, along with using diabetic care products, cutting down on these harmful habits too can be a positive add-on where managing diabetes is concerned.

Mantra 7 – Start Living by A Healthy Diet

Wisely choosing the right foods and avoiding harmful foods is among the best healthy lifestyle tip for diabetes.

To effectively manage diabetes, say yes to – avocado, veggies, peanut butter, almonds, boiled eggs, yogurt, berries, chickpeas etc.

To prevent diabetes from getting worse, say no to – rice, white bread, sweet cereals, butter, pickles etc.

Mantra 8 – Effective Stress Management

Stress can take a toll on one’s poor health condition, especially diabetes and affect that individual’s mental balance too.

Just as you trust in the process of taking diabetic care products in order to manage diabetes. The same way, take a deep breathe, stroll around a park, watch a movie, meet your friends, get hooked onto yoga and do all that it takes to get a grip over managing stress.

There’s a clear link between stress and diabetes. As per studies, stress affects the metabolic activity of those suffering with diabetes. Furthermore, it releases hormones that intensely hamper the blood glucose levels resulting in high blood pressure.

Final Word

To live a healthy life with diabetes you need to regularly get your check-ups done, keep a track of your tests and set goals on managing diabetes, be cautious about the food you eat, make it a point to exercise regularly, avoid letting stress get to you, and keep in touch with your diabetologist often.

On following these mantra’s and occasionally getting your support from diabetic care products, both the sugar and cholesterol levels will be in check and your diabetic condition won’t worsen at any cost.

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