The Best Anti-Ageing Skincare Tips & Routine Recommended by Experts

Ageing is inescapable. No matter what your gender, caste or region is, it comes for all living beings on earth. As a matter of fact, it is a great thing. It denotes that you are alive, living your life. But premature ageing is something nobody is fond of. It makes everyone worry about their health and appearance. The most common signs of premature ageing appear in your skin, with wrinkles, age spots, dryness, or loss of skin tone at the ear. The main reasons behind premature ageing are smoke, pollution, climate change, lifestyle, and poor eating habits.

The best part of this modern era is that science has evolved numerous skincare ingredients that can help slow down ageing and shield you from its aftermath. These products help you reduce wrinkles, and acne scars, even out pigmentation and more. But with the use of these products, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle habits can help stop and prevent further premature ageing.

The best anti-ageing products remove the epidermis (the topmost layers of the skin) to reveal the unblemished skin underneath. These products use skin resurfacing or exfoliation methods and boost collagen production. As a result, more fresh, youthful, plump, and firm skin is revealed. 

Anti-Ageing Tips

Anti-Ageing for women is a highly searched topic because women are more concerned about their appearance. So, here are some basic tips all women and men should keep in their mind to avoid premature ageing.

  • Avoid taking stress. 

Stress increases the presence of oxidants that makes you look older.

  • Workout.

Do yoga, meditate and exercise regularly to look young.

  • Opt for salon treatments

Facials, hydrating masks and exfoliation do make everyone look young.

  • Protect yourself from sun

DMK, short for Danné Montague-King, is a renowned skincare brand that has pioneered a unique and groundbreaking treatment called Enzyme Therapy. Unlike traditional treatments that merely target the surface of the skin, DMK Enzyme Therapy works on a cellular level, aiming to restore the skin’s natural balance and functionality.

Anti-ageing routine for men and women

  1. Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser

Exfoliation and ageing go hand-in-hand. In mature skin, removing dead skin cells is crucial so that new skin can show up. However, exfoliating harshly can do more damage than good. Therefore, using a gentle face cleanser like FCL C Scape cleanser is a wise decision. This Vitamin C enriched face cleanser gently removes dead skin cells, restores radiance, and brings life to dull, environmentally damaged skin.

You can also try Penta Peel Pads if you have normal to oily skin. The product is an at-home chemical peel treatment that removes all dead cells and imparts a smooth skin texture. These chemical-exfoliating, easy-to-use pads reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and provide more youthful-looking skin.

  1. Incorporate the best anti-ageing serum into your routine

Dryness causes loss of elasticity which further leads to fine lines and wrinkles. Studies show that using hydrating and antioxidants-rich anti-ageing serums actually delay the signs of ageing. Serums are water-based, weightless, non-greasy and absorb easily in the skin. Using a hyaluronic acid-based serum provides maximum results for ageing skin. FCL HA4 Plus serum is a hyaluronic acid-based serum that boosts skin moisturization and plump skin. Hence, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced. 

  1. With your face, give some attention to your body too

As we age, our skin tends to become drier which makes it more prone to wrinkles. So, moisturize regularly to help your skin stay hydrated and nourished. A retinol-based body lotion for ageing skin is a wise choice. Retinol is the most effective ingredient that dermatologists have to treat ageing skin.

  1. Under-eye care is crucial

Since wrinkles are one of the most common under-eye concerns, using a dermatologist-approved eye cream for wrinkles and dark circles is crucial. It is one of the most important products in an anti-ageing beauty regimen. 

Our under-eye skin is delicate and the thinnest skin on our entire body; therefore, it needs more elastin and collagen. FCL Eye Refining Matrix-the best under-eye cream for wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness is infused with antioxidants, lightening and moisturizing agents that work on all skin types and concerns. Use it twice a day to make your eye contour look more youthful.

  1. Don’t forget Sun protection 

Harmful UV rays are a major of skin ageing and the development of skin cancers. Overexposure to the sun also causes pigmentation because sun rays deplete collagen, which keeps our skin firm and smooth. Wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen protects our skin from the harmful impact of the sun rays. FCL light-weight SPF 80 lotion builds resistance to UV light, infra-red light, blue light and high energy visible light. Apply it 20 minutes before heading out in the sun. Apply every 2 hours if you are into outdoor activities and swimming etc.

When do I need to start using anti-ageing Products?

This is one of the frequently asked questions in the skincare industry.

There is no right age to start using anti-ageing products. Use products that your skin needs. However, people generally start using anti-ageing products between the age of 24 and 28.

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