Top 5 Calluses Prevention Tips You Should Try

Calluses are common issues of the foot, but many people only view them as cosmetic concerns. However, the conditions can advance, causing painful symptoms that make walking difficult. It can also increase your chances of catching infections and developing skin ulcers. Therefore, it is crucial to seek medical assistance early enough before taking chances of further complications. The calluses Bakersfield specialists offer different treatments to revere calluses and limit the chances of future complications. They also advise patients that the condition is highly preventable with proper lifestyle choices. Here is how to limit your chances of developing calluses.

Maintaining Proper Foot Care

Simple regular foot care efforts can keep you away from calluses. Consult your doctor to understand what you can incorporate into your daily care routine to improve the health of your feet. Managing your toenails can help you avoid abnormal foot positions that can increase friction in your feet. Ensure you trim short your toes regularly and leave the sides untampered. Long toenails can make your feet adopt certain positions with different shoe wear. Also, use the right foot care products to give yourself an at-home pedicure.

Get the Right Shoes

Your choice of footwear is critical in avoiding calluses. One of the main reasons why people develop calluses is wearing shoes that allow friction in their feet. Tight shoes make you squeeze your feet into them and eventually pinch your toes. What about all this trouble at the beginning when you walk and spend the day in the same shoes? The damage will be done. Ensure any shoes you wear allow you to wiggle your toes and aren’t tight to limit friction. Remember that no matter what efforts you put into avoiding calluses, you can still develop them if your shoes do not fit well. Note also that innersoles can give you extra support.

Use Pads

Everyone is born differently, and the structure of your feet could make some parts rub with the shoe. You might not need to get a new pair of shoes yet. All you need is to protect the specific parts of your feet that rub. Get bandages and lambs’ wool, or get non-medicated corn pads instead. Cover the bottom of your feet and between your toes to prevent calluses from happening due to friction.

Wear Socks

Some fashions or designs might limit the importance of socks but do not buy the idea. It is not a sin to wear socks with certain footwear like sandals. Socks are essential in preventing calluses formation and other foot complications. However, it would help if you also chose the right pair of socks. Thick and breathable socks safeguard your feet from rubbing against your shoes. Alternatively, you can ensure you spend more time barefoot, if possible, to allow the bottom of your feet to thicken enough to offer self-protection.

Manage Other Foot Complications

Having a one-foot problem can invite others if they are not well managed. You are more likely to develop calluses if you are enduring hammertoes, bone spurs, or bunions. Such complications will increase your chances of friction with the shoes. Therefore, seek medical treatment for any existing situation to prevent calluses.

Indeed, the power to avoid calluses lies in your hands. Learn more from the Diabetic Foot & Wound Center specialists today. Request a consultation appointment to get more expert tips on treating and managing existing calluses and avoiding the condition in the future.