The Common Asked Questions about Prolozone Therapy

Most people have ever suffered an injury at least once in their lifetime. Some injuries have less pain and heal naturally, while others have acute pain and worsen with time. These injuries affect the individual’s quality of life and productivity. Most people seek different methods to treat their pain. One of the most sought treatments is prolozone therapy to treat damaged therapy in the joints. Prolozone therapy Salt Lake City is the best solution if you have joint pain. The following are the common questions that people ask about prolozone therapy.

Is the Therapy Painful?

The aim of carrying out this process is to eliminate pain. Most people are, therefore, not ready to embrace a process that will be painful. This procedure is not painful and offers almost immediate relief after having the first prolozone injection. Besides, the injection is carried out virtually and is pain-free, requiring no recovery time. Since it has a high success rate, it has been termed one of the cost-effective and safest procedures to replace joint replacement surgeries.

How long has it been in existence?

Before choosing the procedure, the people check for how long the procedure has been in existence. The main reason is if it has been there for long, it is believed to be quality since it has undergone a series of tests and improvements. Prolozone therapy had existed since 1959s when it was applied to relieve neck and back pain. Due to its effectiveness, it has started to gain popularity in the United States as an option for surgery and other minimally invasive procedures.

How Long Will it Take Before Feeling the Results?

Most people aim to eliminate the pain they are suffering as quickly as possible. Most of them ask how long it will take before they recover. In most instances, the person will experience recovery within one to two days. During this time, the patient will soar and be a bit achy. How your body heals will depend on how effectively the body reacts to treatments. If you could be suffering pain after this period, it could be a sign that you require extra injections.

Who is the Right Candidate?

Most people want to know if they qualify for this therapy. You are the right candidate for this therapy if you are experiencing joint pain, degenerated discs, and damaged tendons. Besides, you could seek treatment if you have sports-related injuries which cause neck, back, and knee pain.

Does Therapy Help in Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis has been causing suffering among most people. These patients are desperate for a procedure that can solve their condition. Luckily, this therapy is highly effective in treating this condition. Some patients have experienced complete recovery from severe hip and knee osteoarthritis through this therapy. The main reason is it encourages cartilage regeneration in targeted areas.

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