The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Do you know that highly reactive oxygen can sanitize medical equipment and cure chronic diseases? Your teacher might have taught you about the role of oxygen in the body processes, but ozone, which consists of three oxygen instead of two, can stimulate your immunity. You should find a Park Slope Ozone therapy center that offers this alternative treatment as it works for recurrent conditions which don’t respond to medications. Your doctor will administer the ozone directly to the blood or area under pain and through body openings like the ears and rectum. Here are the benefits of ozone therapy.

It Improves the Immune System

Ozone therapy infuses the boys with oxygen which has three molecules instead of two, thus improving the immune system. It will fight infections and reduce inflammation, thus alleviating conditions like asthma. Inflammation causes an imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals, leading to oxidative stress. The oxidative stress breaks down the body cells, quickly weakening immunity, leading to increased organ aging and predisposing one to cancer. Thus, ozone therapy manages inflammation as it is a powerful antioxidant reducing the risk of infections.

It Kills Harmful Bacteria, Fungus and Virus

The harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungus in your body might become drug resistant, primarily if you rely on the same drugs to deal with health conditions. Ozone has infection control properties and can solely deal with acute bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. The ozone oxidizes the body and kills foreign microorganisms.

Can Improve Brain Function

Ozone therapy reverts brain tissue damage after a stroke. Your doctor should administer the oxygen doses immediately after a stroke episode. Stroke deprives the brain of oxygen, damaging the brain’s penumbra parts and supplying ozone as soon as possible reverts the damage. However, your therapist should mix the ozone with the oxygen and supply it directly to the brain to prevent further damage and revert the organ to its original state.

It Detoxifies the Body

Ozone detoxifies the body and removes the toxins that are hard to prevent as toxins invade your body no matter the precautions you take. The toxins impact the overall health, impacting organ function, thus preventing self-healing and the ability to fight diseases. Although an improved diet and a clean environment would fight toxins, some people will still get toxins with these precautions. Thus, they can fight toxins with ozone therapy as it increases metabolism and improves health outcomes.

It Heals Wounds

Ozone therapy heals chronic wounds as it supplies energy to the cells around the wound. The blood cells around the wound might need the energy to fight infections in the wounded part. Therefore this might be an ideal solution for diabetic patients who experience chronic wounds. The poor wound healing results from compromised immunity, and the oxygen boost would improve healing and prevent mouth ulcers.


Oxygen is vital for body functions, and ozone therapy which uses oxygen with three molecules instead of two, might improve your health outcomes. Ozone therapy might heal chronic wounds, detoxify the body and fight harmful microbes. Moreover, it prevents recurrent heart attacks, reverts brain tissue damage, heals wounds, and ulcers. You should find a therapist who can administer the ozone gas effectively to enjoy these health benefits.