Surprising Reasons to Feel Comfortable about Advanced Colposcopy

Imagine waking up only your health care practitioner to inform you your Pap test result is abnormal. The experiences can be stressful and annoying. Furthermore, knowing you must undergo a follow-up test or colposcopy can cause more anxiety. Most reported anxiety may result from the uncertainty of the health status discovered by colposcopy or the possibility of a painful pelvic procedure. Fortunately, most clients have benefitted from Miami advanced colposcopy, an effective procedure for diagnosing and treating pelvic, vulva, and vagina problems. The following are surprising reasons to feel comfortable about advanced colposcopy.

Enhanced Overall Health

Normally, if your health practitioner informs you to go for a colposcopy, the provider wants to ensure there are no chances of cervical cancer. Fortunately, there are rare cases of cervical cancer in the US, whereby colposcopy is a critical factor in these low cases. Follow-up tests have proved to be a crucial diagnostic tool.

It Is Relatively Painless

Do not fear undergoing this procedure because it is relatively painless. Sometimes, you may feel minor pressure when your provider inserts the spectrum in your vagina. Besides, you may feel slightly stinging once the solution is in contact with your cervix. You can also take over-the-counter medicines before the procedure because they help to deal with pain.

The Procedure Involves a Relaxed Pace

Even though some of the time is allocated for the counseling process, pregnancy testing, and inquiries, the entire procedure takes between 10 to 15 minutes. You should not fear to ask your practitioner questions before the procedure. Asking is crucial in relieving any uncertainty you may have about the procedure. Your doctor will explain your concerns and questions extensively, facilitating a smooth and relaxed process. 

Advanced Colposcopy Enables You to Learn More about Your Body

Receiving a colposcopy provides detailed information about a vital part of your general vaginal health. In most cases, you will hear only a few people talking about the cervix in society. However, getting a follow-test gives you a chance to know more about your body comprehensively. This process helps you to have a crystal clear understanding of your overall health. If you have been diagnosed with any condition, you can receive early treatment before the issue worsens. Moreover, advanced colposcopy allows you to learn how your body functions and gives a superior sense of agency over your life.

The Procedure Facilitates Greater Saving of Lives

In most cases, advanced colposcopy utilizes modernized technology to diagnose cervical cancer. The process comprises minimal risks. However, rarely women may experience chills, bleeding, fever, pelvic pain, or infection. You should ask your practitioner about cervical screenings and advanced colposcopy. As a result, greater cancer diagnoses and other complications can be lifesaving.

Even though colposcopy can be annoying and anxious, it is worth it. If you are looking forward to getting an advanced colposcopy, the best solution lies with Peter A Khamvongsa, found in Miami, Florida. Dr. Khamvongsa is a triple board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist offering compassionate and accurate diagnosis and treatment of cervical and vulva conditions by utilizing advanced colposcopy. Call, text, or use the online link to book today to schedule an appointment.