Medical spa services and all they entail

Your physical appearance is not typically given high precedence, primarily due to societal norms that associate it with shallowness. However, your physical appearance significantly affects your self-esteem and, ultimately, how you carry yourself. Unlike in the past, modern society has widely accepted cosmetic operations even when they are not done to improve health concerns. Kenneth Thompson MD is a qualified physician with vast experience and expertise in providing medical spa services. More about medical spas and what they involve are discussed in detail below.

What are Medical spa services?

These involve treatment plans that help enhance certain features in your body to help improve your sense of well-being and confidence. Some of the most typical services include:

Dermal Fillers

These injectables encourage water to come to the injection area, and trigger collagen production. Elastin and collagen proteins are responsible for giving your skin its shape and texture. Additional amounts of collagen in the skin help improve its volume. This protein and the filler work together to enhance the volume below your skin, alleviating wrinkles by stretching the skin.

Dermal fillers are safe, quick, and minimally invasive in effectively dealing with typical facial concerns. They can:

·         Return plumpness to sunken or flat temples and cheeks

·         Restore the volume loss that happens with increasing age

·         Enhance the volume of lips

·         Decrease visible vertical lip lines

·         Enhance your facial contours

·         Remove furrows and creases in the skin


This involves injections to deal with facial imperfections like lines and wrinkles. This is through a toxin introduced with desired results in as little as two weeks. Slight changes can begin after several days. The treatment can be used for:

·         Lazy eye

·         Reducing wrinkles

·         Extreme sweating

·         Neck spasms

These effects can remain for several months with additional preventative botox treatments to reduce how fast the lines and wrinkles return.

Laser hair removal

This procedure uses controlled and safely calibrated laser light to treat undesired hair. The hair shaft is exposed to these laser pulses, encouraging hair follicle elimination. This procedure makes your life easier as you do not always have to deal with unwanted hair in certain areas.

The operation can take as little as minutes, thus saving time than other hair removal methods. Even if a little hair grows back, it can be easily dealt with. This is typically done in areas of the body like:

·         Underarms

·         Legs

·         Chin

·         Upper lip

·         Bikini line

Body sculpting

This body contouring method involves multiple nonsurgical operations to improve how your body looks by reshaping it. This procedure can involve coolsculpting that can be aimed to target areas of fat on:

·         Lubar

·         Abdomen

·         Knees

·         Hips

·         Saddlebags

·         Inner thighs

·         Ankles

·         Arms

Coolsculpting aims at fat pockets without harming the dermis through controlled cooling.

Medical spa services are now widespread and affordable to most people rather than actors or entertainment personalities due to their high success rates. For more about medical spa services, check our website, or call our offices in East Memphis, TN.