How to Make Your Next Pap Smear Comfortable

A pap smear can be part of your gynecological visit and is crucial in promoting your sexual and reproductive sex. The test helps your gynecologist examine your cervix for abnormalities that could help catch cervical cancer and other health concerns. The South Charleston board certified OB-GYN understands that ap smears can be a trying time for some patients, which is why they offer compassionate care to help patients feel more comfortable. It is natural to be anxious about your upcoming pap smear, whether it is your first or bad past experiences. However, the following tips can help you stay calm.

Know that Your Gynecologist is Professional

Many people, especially beginners, feel embarrassed when having the idea of being naked in the presence of someone. That is natural, but you must understand that you will not be completely naked for your app smear. Also, remember that your gynecologist has had past experiences with other patients and will handle you professionally. They have dealt with anxious patients like you and have also seen many vaginas before. So, do not feel embarrassed about your doctor. Focus on the greater good and benefits of the test.

Relieve Yourself Before the Test

The urge to urinate is common when anxious but only makes you more uncomfortable. Relieving yourself before your pap smear can relax your nerves for the test. Arrive early for your appointment to have enough time to relax and go to the toilet. Also, communicate with your doctor if you feel the urge to urinate while you are already in for the appointment. Your provider can excuse you before proceeding with the test.

Talk to Your Doctor About Your Sexual Life

A pap smear involves using special instruments on your vagina. Your doctor will insert a speculum to allow sample collection. The experience can be different depending on how sexually active you are. You might want to talk to your doctor in advance about a virgin or someone who has not yet delivered a baby. Fortunately, the instruments come in different sizes, and talking in advance can help your doctor use small sizes.

Talk to Your Doctor

Experienced gynecologists must have dealt with multiple patients as anxious as you. Sharing your fears can help them personalize your test to make you feel comfortable. Your doctor can talk you through the procedure and help calm your nerves. Do not be afraid to tell them when you are uncomfortable during the test. Let your doctor know when it hurts or when you are not happy with anything. Remember that you are in as much control of the situation as your doctor is. You can even call it off when you do not feel comfortable continuing.

Look for Another Doctor

Sexual and reproductive health is critical and ought to be handled by a provider you trust. It is important to consider looking for someone else to perform your next pap smear if you do not like how your last one went. You can always seek recommendations from your loved ones to have a gynecologist you feel confident with. Remember that different providers have different skills, and the one who made you feel awful might not be good at it. Let that not keep you from getting the help you need.

Pap smears remain critical in safeguarding your reproductive and sexual health. Get in touch with Patel and Patel, MD, Inc to learn more about the test. Schedule a consultation appointment online or via a call to understand what you can expect.