Everything you should know about Physical Exams

Primary care involves assessing your general health and offering preventive care where necessary. Your health goals matter and this may keep you wondering where you can get started on your journey. Suppose you are that one person, Penn’s Rock Primary Care may be what your body needs. Physical exams are part of primary care that aim to identify underlying health issues and treat them before they develop further. There are several services under physical exams that screen for abnormal symptoms and check your vital signs. You may require physical exams more if you are older to help you manage chronic conditions.

Why Do You Need an Annual Physical Exam?

A physical exam involves routine testing by your healthcare provider to assess your general health. You may not necessarily have to be unwell to schedule a physical exam. Rather, it can be a good time to raise any health concerns. Your doctor can perform different tests during these exams to eliminate potential health issues. Several reasons you may need these exams include confirming your general health status and raising any concerns about unusual symptoms. Other reasons may include the following.

Screening for General Health

Factors like family history, lifestyle practices, and age may increase your risk for certain conditions. Therefore an annual physical exam may be beneficial in your case. Your doctor may perform blood pressure tests to check your normal blood pressure. You may also get a blood sugar screening to check the amount of sugar in your blood because high levels may be potential causes of diabetes. Calculating your body mass index (BMI) may also be necessary to determine if you have a healthy weight. The tests can help your doctor detect underlying conditions early enough.

Updating Medical Records

Your body undergoes constant changes, therefore necessitating the need to have an up-to-date record. During your physical exams, you can tell your doctor about the medications you may have changed, including current prescriptions, OTC meds, and supplements. Your doctor may also ask questions concerning your current social life and the lifestyle changes you may have made, including alcohol consumption and smoking. You may also have to inform your doctor about your wishes if you become too sick to make health decisions. Lastly, you can also get a mental health exam to check if you may need a referral for newly developed mental health conditions.

Establishing a Relationship

Your partner in health can be your doctor because as you get to know each other, your doctor will understand you better, making it easier to give you the care you need. Your doctor allows you to address health concerns freely, helping them get detailed information about your health. The focus of your doctor will be to answer your questions and create a treatment plan addressing your needs.

You can schedule your visit for a physical exam at the facility today. The exams will allow you to ask and discuss any new symptoms and health concerns with your doctor. Your doctor will also have the opportunity to personalize your treatment depending on your present symptoms. Visit the website to schedule your appointment online today.