Debunking Common Wound Care Myths

Every individual is at a higher risk of getting wounds. After having these wounds, how they care for them determines how they would heal. In some instances, the wound’s size and cause would call for a different measure to control it. For instance, a normal small wound will require minimum care, while a diabetic wound would call for an extreme amount of care. If you have a wound that is excruciating and worsens with time, wound care specialist Tamarac is the right solution. The following are the common wound care myths that you should stop believing.

You Should Expose the Wound to the Atmosphere for Faster Healing

This is one of the myths that has lasted for decades. Surprisingly, the individual should keep the wound clean and protect it from any infections. This is the main reason the specialist advises you after cleaning the wound with the disinfectant; you should apply a plaster. You can use the Elastoplast plasters because they are breathable and protect the wound from external influences such as dirt and bacteria. Moreover, covering the wound maintains the moisture, making it heal faster.

Alcohol is the Best Disinfectant

Some people have been advised to clean and disinfect their wounds with alcohol. However, rather than healing, these individuals have ended up suffering more. Using alcohol could burn the skin when applied. The alcohol increases the risk because you have extremely sensitive wound tissue. You should clean the wound with products that are free of alcohol that have antiseptic agents such as polyhexanide.

You Should not Treat Small Wounds

Some people believe that if the wound is small, they should not be cautious about it. The main reason is they believe that the smaller the wound, the lower the risk it has, and it would heal naturally. It is wrong to look at the wound at the surface since it could be small at the surface but has been deep in the skin. Furthermore, the wound can be infected with bacteria which could worsen the condition. To reduce these risks, you should use the appropriate wound care regardless of how small the wound could be.  

The Greater the Pain, the Deeper the Wound

Some people have been analyzing how deep the wound is according to the pain they feel. Even though you are likely to believe this, you could feel less pain when you have a deeper wound. The main reason is most nerve fibers are situated just below the individual’s top layer of the skin. This could make the person have more pain when the cut is not deep than when it is deep.

Itching is a Sign of Healing

Most people believe that wound itching is a sign it is healing. In most instances, you may have an itch or tingle feeling after you suffer an injury. In some instances, itching could signal that the wound is undergoing healing. However, you should also be cautious since it could signify a problem. For instance, if you have an itching sensation that turns throbbing, it could be a sign of an infection.

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