Common Causes of Anxiety That You Should Know

Are you currently experiencing irritability, uneasiness, or sleeplessness? These could be early warning signs of a potential anxiety disorder. Several reported cases of San Diego anxiety disorders have been due to different triggers, from stress to medications. However, these triggers are manageable and treatable if identified early before they worsen. If you are yet to consult your healthcare provider, it is high to do so for early examinations and treatment. But before then, let’s look at some common causes of anxiety that you should know.

Heart Complications

In most cases, if you have ever experienced a panic attack at some point, you are familiar with how your hands become clammy, making it difficult to catch your breath. Even though a panic attack is not a heart attack, there is a strong association between heart complications and anxiety. The relationship seems to go in both ways. For instance, individuals who have suffered from long-term anxiety are more vulnerable to increased heart rate and blood pressure and declined blood flow to the heart.


Various medications comprise ugly side effects that can trigger anxiety attacks or symptoms. For instance, one should be watchful of prescribed drugs, including thyroid and asthma drugs. Besides, an over-the-counter decongestant is widely known to contribute to some individuals’ anxiety symptoms. Notably, if you rapidly stop taking drugs for treating anxiety, like benzodiazepines, removal may contribute to additional anxiety.


In most instances, stress and anxiety go hand in hand because stress can cause anxiety symptoms, while anxiety can worsen stress. Whenever you are excessively stressed, there are high chances you will turn to some behaviors that may deteriorate anxiety, including drug abuse and smoking. Stress and anxiety are followed by physical symptoms like stomach ache, dizziness, mouth dryness, and sweating. As a result, if you experience undescribed anxiety symptoms, it is ideal to consult your doctor, as anxiety disorders are treatable.

Alcohol and Substance Use

People with anxiety are approximately three times more prone to experience problems with substance use and alcohol at some point in their lives than those who do not consume. Besides, alcohol and drug abuse can contribute to panic attacks. A panic attack is related to a high chance of heart attack, which can cause anxiety disorders. Individuals suffering from social anxiety are likely to abuse drugs or alcohol to lower their symptoms, but alcohol worsens anxiety.

Social Events or Parties

Certain events which need you to engage in small talk or interact with others you do not know can contribute to anxiety. This trigger can be diagnosed as a social anxiety disorder. To reduce the worries and awkwardness, you should be accompanied by your friends if possible. However, the most important way is to consult your healthcare provider to evaluate the best coping strategies that make such events more controllable in the future.

Living with anxiety can be frustrating as your daily undertakings are hampered due to changes in mood and stress. When looking for treatment, it is advisable to avoid over-the-counter medications as sometimes they may not give the desired results. Contact MindSet, located in San Diego, California, for the guaranteed address of anxiety disorders. The institution utilizes secure, effective, and non-invasive techniques to address all forms of anxiety disorders. Call the office or use their online link to book to request an appointment today.