5 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Wants You to Know

Every year, millions of individuals undertake plastic surgery to correct perceived imperfections and enhance what Mother Nature has provided. Many cosmetic operations are available, ranging from liposuction and facelifts to breast augmentation. Numerous men and women find that cosmetic surgery not only enhances their physical appearance but also provides a considerable confidence boost. However, the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly. As such, plastic surgeon Eric Cha M.D., FACS, wants you to know several essential facts before surgery. Continue reading to learn more.

1.     You Should Be In Excellent Health

Before agreeing to undertake treatments, plastic surgeons thoroughly examine the health history of every patient. The objective is to ensure that you are in excellent emotional and physical condition before surgery. Individuals with diabetes, heart disease, or lung problems are often unsuitable candidates due to the increased risk of complications.

Likewise, individuals with mental health concerns might not be able to cope with the psychological demands of plastic surgery. Before consenting to conduct your surgery, Dr. Eric Cha will ask various health-related questions.

2.     Only Employ Qualified Surgeons

Locating an experienced plastic surgeon is essential to improve your chances of getting the desired outcomes. Begin by requesting accreditation from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. These independent organizations certify professionals for adhering to strict safety and quality criteria. Besides board certification, you want to engage with a plastic surgeon skilled in the operation you desire and who generally provides an exceptional surgical experience.

3.     Be Honest

When interacting with a plastic surgeon, you should be truthful. You must remember that plastic surgeons are not magicians; thus, they cannot read your mind. If you require a breast augmentation, for example, ensure you communicate your motives and be as detailed as possible about the outcomes, you desire. Communicating your objectives ensure your surgeon builds a tailored care plan based on your unique needs.

4.     Anticipate Realistic Results

Although plastic surgery could significantly improve your physical appearance, it is not a miracle. You must ensure you have realistic expectations. For example, if you wish to undergo breast augmentation, you should recognize this cosmetic surgery could only accomplish minor or, at best, moderate improvements in breast size. The same holds for all other procedures. During your appointment, Dr. Cha will assess whether your goals are reasonable in light of the procedure you wish to undergo.

5.     Set Time for Recuperation

After your procedure, you will require some recovery time. The recuperation time can range from several days to months, depending on the care plan. Throughout this time, your body requires enough rest to recoup its strength and recover from the traumatic effects of surgery. You must be completely untroubled and away from stressful work duties. Partner with your cosmetic surgeon to develop a schedule to plan for time off work or school.

Although before-and-after pictures may be quite fascinating, you should make some considerations before undergoing plastic surgery. During your consultation with Dr. Eric Cha at Fifth Ave Plastic Surgery, he will answer all your questions and examine your concerns to determine the best care solution. Expect nothing short of safe and effective plastic surgery procedures under Dr. Cha’s care. Call the Upper East Side, NY office or book an appointment online today.