Why Do People Tend To Remove Skin Tags When It’s Optional? 

Skin issues can arise whenever you find that your skin is behaving abnormally. Apart from this, sometimes, your skin responds to your clothing and the general tendency of rubbing itself. For example, an issue such as skin tags arises when your skin either rubs against the clothes you wear or with one another. 

Thus, you will observe skin tags arising and developing on your skin. In essence, treating them is necessary but you will not find them as critical or harmful to your skin. Moreover, the need is to have them removed at the earliest only to prevent them from growing on your skin. 

What are Skin Tags? 

A skin that is free from defects and shortcomings will appear normal and random. But in the case of a skin issue, such as skin tags, you will notice abnormality easily. In skin tags, your skin will show elongated portions or portions that extend from the skin like balls. Their sizes are usually measured and determined in millimeters in diameter. Mostly, they grow oval but generally, they resemble a circle.

In addition to this, their causes remain straightforward which we will be discussing shortly. Apart from their size and shape, their color is a thing of clarity. Since they are named skin tags, their color resembles that of your skin. In addition to this, their skin color can change, or generally become darker, but it is a rare affair. 

What causes Skin Tags on Your Skin? 

Skin tags are nothing but an extended portion or section of your skin, on your skin. They are harmless but removing them gives you patience and peace. It is because they trouble you whenever you wear clothes or accidentally strike them. And it is where the painful sensation develops in your body. Their causes are simple yet straightforward, and you cannot avoid them even if you try a lot. 

At first, they are caused by clothes rubbing against your skin. You cannot avoid clothes from striking your skin since they are worn over the skin at all times. Another reason is our skin rubbing against the skin from other parts of your body. For example, when you see skin tags growing under your armpits, it is common sense at this place, your skin rubs with each other. People suffering from obesity also show signs of skin tags, and it is related to the rubbing effect. Obesity causes your skin to elongate and rub with the skin beneath.

 Apart from this, people suffering from diabetes, generally diabetes 2, suffer from skin tags a lot. In addition to this, anyone suffering from skin tags needs to remove them for free-moving skin. 

Are Skin Tags Cancerous? 

People often think that skin tags are cancerous or harmful. They are neither, and it is also evident that their removal is necessary but only for the skin to ease out. Apart from this, there is a rarity that skin tags may get into something cancerous. In essence, at worst, skin tags can only grow into diabetes, but that too is not a direct affair. People suffering from diabetes develop skin tags, and the development of skin tags is often considered an indication of diabetes getting or growing in your body. In contrast, nothing is more to worry about regarding skin tags. 

Also, you need to remove skin tags because of two reasons. At first, they can twist themselves and cut off the blood supply reaching them. This brings them into an infected situation. Secondly, skin tags can easily rub against your shirt or pants, or get stuck in a necklace likewise. Both these conditions result in a painful sensation that you will experience. Thus, their removal is necessary. 

When to Remove a Skin Tag? 

You can remove a skin tag when you find them troubling your movement. Whenever a skin tag rubs against your clothes, it will irritate you and cause a sensation of pain. It is when people decide to get them removed. Otherwise, even if you tend to live with them, there is no harm since they are not cancerous. 

But removing them is good since it brings your skin back to normalcy. People often ask if skin tag removal is covered by insurance. Skin tag removal is always considered a cosmetic surgery or procedure and most hospitals like Rejuvence Clinic cover it. Thus, your insurance company will not cover it. 

Quick FAQ: Can We Remove Skin Tags Ourselves? 

Yes you can remove them yourself, but it will require some good precautions. And the best precaution is to use scissors that are sterilized. 


Skin tags are normal for all the reasons that we mentioned. The talk is always about their removal. For this, consulting a dermatologist is necessary since they can better guide you regarding removal procedures. Easily adjust to your needs and bring your skin back to normal with their removal.