A Review of Frezyderm Sunscreen Velvet Body 50+

There are so many different sunscreens out there that it can be difficult to know which one is best for your skin. From there being countless brands to choose from to various sun protection factors, going on holiday is supposed to be a relaxing and exciting time in your life. But packing beforehand can be stressful.

 One product that you are likely to see a lot is from a brand called Frezyderm. This is with new velvet technology and is an SPF 50+ for your body. Let’s take a closer look at this product and review whether it is a good selection to make for your next holiday.

For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you have to watch what products you are using. If they contain the wrong ingredients, there is a risk that it can cause a rash, redness and itching to occur. This is the last thing you want to happen and especially when you are on holiday. So, you want to look for products that say they are suitable for sensitive skin. This principle applies if you want to purchase sunscreen and thankfully, this product from Frezyderm is gentle and allows the skin to breathe.

So, you can enjoy peace of mind with this sunscreen. You can use it all over the body, even if your skin is sensitive. At the same time, you can know that your skin is protected effectively from the sun. After all, some skin conditions are triggered by the sun, so this is going to provide a barrier to ensure that you do not have an unwanted flare-up on holiday.

High SPF

If you are going to be in a hot country and spending a lot of time outside, you need to wear sunscreen that is going to provide you with good protection. You do not want to be sore and burnt when you are trying to relax and have a good time on holiday. The good news is that Frezyderm sunscreen is SPF 50+. This is a high factor which allows good protection from UV rays. 

What’s more, this product is marketed with Second Skin Technology. The brand states that this feels like a barrier on the skin and like you have a second layer when it comes to protection.

No White Marks

A lot of people do not enjoy putting on sunscreen. It can feel like a chore and often, this means that many skip putting it on before stepping out in the sun. Of course, this is the wrong thing to do and it can lead to getting burnt, as well as damaging the skin. What’s more, a lot of people do not like how sunscreens feel on their skin. They can be heavy and leave white marks on the body.

Well, this is the good thing about Frezyderm. They have made sure that their product is easy to apply to the skin. In particular, it is easy to spread out over the body and to gain coverage before stepping outside. In particular, it has been formulated not to leave a white tint on the skin, which means that nobody has to know you are wearing it. This way, you protect your body without feeling uncomfortable.

Water Resistant

When you are on holiday and in the sun, you may have plans to go swimming or have fun on the beach. This involves going in the water and getting wet. Even if you are exercising outside, there is the risk that you are going to sweat. In all of these situations, people worry that they are going to jeopardise the effectiveness of their sunscreen. 

The truth is that this can happen. That is unless you choose a sunscreen that is water resistant. This is still going to offer you some protection from UV rays. Thankfully, this is a feature of this product. Frezyderm ensures that it is water resistant to deal with different environments when you lead an active life.

Overall, this Frezyderm sunscreen receives a positive review from us. It has a good combination of a high SPF factor as well as ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin. This means that almost anybody will benefit from wearing it. What’s more, the product is water resistant for those that want to be active on holiday. Let’s not forget that there are going to be no white marks, which can allow you to feel good and look your best when you are in the sun.