Cockroaches – how harmful are they

Cockroaches have a very unpleasant look with red-brown body color. Cockroaches are the most dangerous and commonly found pest. They are the most common source of allergens. They trigger asthma in people. They spread harmful diseases like diarrhea, fever, dysentery, and vomiting. They are the most unhygienic creatures that exist on the property. They are nocturnal creatures; they are experts at hiding themselves. To get rid of cockroaches, we should always rely on commercial pest control without giving it any second thought. 

How harmful are they?

  • Contaminate food- Cockroaches can literally survive by eating anything. Apart from eating food, they eat dead plants, glue, soap, paper, and even strands of fallen hair. While crawling at night, cockroaches defecate on open food leaving behind hair, dead skin, and eggshells. 
  • Bites of cockroaches – Some species of cockroaches are found to bite human beings; it is a very rare phenomenon but if the house is infested heavily, they sometimes tend to nibble on fingernails and soft toes. 
  • Causes allergies- The saliva secretion and the body parts of cockroaches contain hundreds of allergens that trigger many types of allergies like watery eyes, sneezing, and skin rashes.
  • Asthma- They are the most common enemy of asthma. If the cockroach infestation increases in your home, then their allergen triggers asthma in people, causing a life-risk situation. 
  • Invasion in the body parts- They often tend to enter through a human being’s ears and nose while sleeping, which leads to life risk. 

How can you prevent cockroaches in a natural way?

  • You should clean your house regularly
  • Sink and food preparation areas should be neat and clean
  • Never leave your food open, and always try to store food in an airtight container
  • Never keep magazines and newspapers stacked openly in one place
  • Block all the entry points, that you think can be potential entry points for the unwanted creatures


Cockroaches are the most versatile creatures that can survive anywhere. They can feed on anything to survive, and they can survive without food for at least 30 days. There are more than 4000 species of cockroaches in the world. They are carriers of the most dangerous allergens that cause allergies and many types of harmful diseases. They cause an unhygienic situation in the environment. So, if there is an uncontrollable infestation of cockroaches, then you should always hire a pest control service.