Tips to Create a Warm and Welcoming Guest Bathroom Experience

Inviting friends and families to our house is a great way to have a fun time together. It’s our duty to make the living space inviting for them. For overnight visitors, we must arrange food, drinks, a comfortable guest room, and last but not least, a perfect restroom. A lot of people become so busy with other arrangements that they forget about the bathroom. Don’t make this mistake and feel free to try these easy-to-do guest-house bathroom ideas.


No matter how beautifully you organize everything, the washroom will look dull and gloomy without adequate lighting. Contrarily, a well-lit space feels more relaxing and enjoyable. Since nothing can beat the freshness of natural lighting, small skylights and windows are must-haves. If your guest restroom doesn’t have windows, include artificial lightings like incandescent lights or LEDs to brighten up the area. A few modern options are sconces, vanity lights, pendants, or tub lights. Painting the walls light grey, bluish grey, taupe, baby pink, and other bright shades may also help. 


Most guest bathrooms are not periodically cleaned because people don’t use them regularly. So, take a day off to remove water stains, mould, and dirt patches. Start from the mirror, windows, and side walls. Then, scrub the faucets, countertops, showerhead, and bathtub with mild cleansers. Next is the toilet; clean the toilet bowl, exterior, seat, bidet, flushing handle, and water tank thoroughly. Finally, spray some surface disinfectants on the floor and mop every corner. Such a clean bathroom smell fresh anyway, but you can add scents to make it more welcoming.


When it comes to creating a comfortable and inviting en-suite bathroom experience for your guests, providing essentials is key. Clean, soft, and high-quality towels are a must-have, and don’t forget to fold them neatly to add a touch of elegance. You can fold them nicely to bring an elegant touch as well. Now, it’s time to add other grooming essentials like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner, toothbrush, mouth washer, facewash, shower cap, toilet paper, body lotions, etc. Some items are not mandatory but nice to offer, such as q-tips, razors, nail clippers, hair oil, face masks, hair dryer, shower candles, body oils, etc.


You don’t necessarily have to create a luxurious hotel-like restroom for visitors. But if you want to, we can share a few tips. The easiest way is to upgrade walls, bathroom fixtures, and lighting. Sounds so expensive, right? On a budget, you can buy branded toiletries, plush robes, and comfy slippers, which will pamper the guests. Just having an oil warmer or gently scented candles alone can give the guest a spa-like experience. Try to get a stylish rug on the doorstep or eye-catching artwork hanging on the wall if possible. 


If the current layout seems boring, you can search for new ideas online and rearrange everything accordingly. The colour palette is one of the most design elements. Consult an interior designer to pick the perfect hues depending on the room’s shape, size, and mood. Installing a lot of modern systems can glam up the area, but it will be expensive. So, stick to the upgrades you can afford. Don’t go overboard with too many decorations and colours. Select an open and minimalistic style instead. Set up floating cabinets and small selves in an easy-accessible manner. 


Right plants can bring your decoration game to another level. Their presence makes any bathroom more lively, chic, and refreshing. However, not all plants might work for washrooms. You have to consider sunlight availability, humidity level, temperature, and other factors while choosing them. Different types of ferns, pothos, moth orchids, spider plants, gardenia, Chinese evergreen, aloe, and flamingo flowers are great options. Besides, you can’t just place them wherever you like. Plants should be kept far away from toiletries, shower zone, and other areas where chemicals or water hits directly.