Essential Care Tips That Can Make Your Dental Implant Last Longer

Are you going to get dental implants? There is no doubt that dental implants can transform your smile and make you look and feel more confident. People become ecstatic about getting implants because it infuses more self-esteem, giving them a better professional and personal life. However, if you want to have a gorgeous smile and enjoy the full benefits of your implants, you must take care of them properly. It brings us to the question of how we take care of dental implants. Listed below are a few guidelines that can help you take care of your implants in the most appropriate manner.

Use nylon brush

After going for implants, there are chances that you have to switch to soft toothbrushes. Going for nylon toothbrushes is a good option because the bristles are gentle and pliable, taking care of your implants. Even if you have hard-to-reach areas, these brushes can clean them. Please do not go for toothbrushes that have stiff bristles, as they might scratch the surface of your implants. You should avoid using any metal instrument once you get implants. Overall you have to follow your regular flossing and brushing routine every day.

Do not use abrasive products

Whether you use mouthwash or toothpaste, you should only buy sensitive products that might not damage your dental implants. Any abrasive product can cause you extreme discomfort. Moreover, you should avoid oral hygiene products with flavors like cinnamon or mint, as these can also make you uncomfortable.

Go for regular flossing

Do you know that only a few people know the importance of flossing every day? The majority of the people do not floss. However, if you opt for dental implants, you should start flossing daily. Accumulation of plaque is relatively easy around the implants leading to oral hygiene issues. Therefore, you must talk to your dentist located in Maryland about ways and products specially designed to extend the life of dental implants.

Do not chew hard and sticky foods

You should avoid certain foods after getting dental implants, such as hard candies, caramel, apples, or even crusty bread. If you don’t want to damage your implants, you need to avoid eating sticky and chewy food. If you follow these guidelines, your dental implant will stay longer

Why should you avoid alcohol and smoking?

Everybody knows that smoking and alcohol is injurious to health; however, these are the two substances that you should altogether avoid if you go for dental implants. You must know that dental implants take some time to heal, and smoking or drinking alcohol may prove to be detrimental. It might also hamper the process of healing. Hence, try to avoid it as much as possible.

If you want to have a better smile, you need to take care of your implants. Do go for regular visits to your doctor as they will guide you about dental hygiene and give you tips so that your implants stay healthy. If you properly take care of your implants, they will keep you smiling for life.

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