Top five fielders of Indian Cricket

A good batsman helps a team score well, a good bowler helps the team defend the target, but a good fielder helps the team win the match. Fielding is very crucial in the game of cricket. Two teams can have good batsmen and bowlers, but the winning team will have the best fielders. 

A good fielder can easily influence the game in his team’s favour through his brilliant fielding. Often in close matches and during tense games, the team with good fielding skills grabs the cup.

Indian cricket team have some match-winner fielders whose performance at crucial time helped India win some big matches.

Who is the India’s top five fielders as per latest cricket information?

Ravindra Jadeja 

Ravindra Jadeja is one of India’s fielders. This Saurashtra-based cricketer is an all-rounder.

He is also known for his spin bowling. He may disappoint with bat and bowl at times, but his brilliant fielding has never disappointed anyone. His jaw-dropping performance against the Bangladesh team in the 2016 world cup impressed everyone out there. His unbelievable direct throw at the wicket from our field in 2019 world was among the amazing fielding performances. Ravindra Jadeja is agile and accurate in the field.

 He is very quick and fast. His direct throws are like a rocket, fast and accurate. Ravindra Jadeja is an asset for India in terms of fielding. Not only this, but his magnificent catches in various games have presented him as an amazing catcher. One of his best catches includes the one that was against the English team in the 2019 world cup.

Jadeja has helped India win those matches that it was on the verge of losing. He has provided the breakthrough at crucial times. And this is the reason why he was called the best fielder in the Indian cricket team. He is indeed blessed with brilliant fielding skills.

Suresh Raina

Talking about fielding and not mentioning Suresh Raina would be an injustice to the game of cricket. Suresh Raina is a former Indian cricketer who is a very good acrobatic fielder. It won’t be wrong to call him one of the best fielders of the Indian cricket team that world cricket has ever witnessed.

Suresh Raina is a batsman who is known for his hard-hitting and occasional spin bowler. But apart from his performance with bat and ball, he showed some brilliant run-outs with magnificent accuracy.

His amazing catching skills amazed many people.

He may have retired from international cricket, but he can be still considered the best fielder. Though he has taken retirement from international cricket, his amazing fielding can be watched in the Indian Premier league. 

Suresh Raina plays for Chennai super kings in IPL, and his known as Chinna Thala. He announced his retirement along with MS Dhoni.

During his last days in the Indian team, he wasn’t performing well with the bat, but his fielding skills kept him as a part of the team for so long because again a fielder can turn the match at any point in time.

Indian cricket will always be indebted to Raina for his match-winning fielding in crucial matches.

Virat Kohli 

Who doesn’t know Virat Kohli? This former Indian skipper is known for his batting skills. 

He is an amazing batsman and holds so many records. It won’t be wrong to call him the best batsman in India or the world.

Apart from his brilliant batting, Virat Kohli is a gifted fielder. His amazing fitness has helped him excel in the side of Cricket.

Virat Kohli can do no wrong in fielding. He is class apart and is an asset in the field. He doesn’t oy hit the ball with aggression but also chases it with the same aggression during fielding. He is known for his brilliant catches and direct hit. Virat Kohli performs brilliantly at every position in the field no matter it is covers or outfield.

Virat Kohli is the finest fielder and an inspiration for all budding Cricketers. Virat Kohli along with Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja served as a splendid fielding trio.

Mohd Kaif 

Mohd Kaif is a former Indian cricketer who is the finest fielder for the Indian cricket team in the limited overs format. He was very agile and ready to pounce on the ball to take some impossible catches. Mohd Kaif and Yuvraj Singh together served as a deadly fielding combo. Mohd Kaif was brilliant in throwing them accurately.  He can easily dislodge the stumps from a good distance. 

Kaif has taken some unbelievable catches. During India’s tour of Pakistan in 2004, he took a jaw-dropping catch by diving. Kaif also holds the magnificent world record of taking five amazing catches in a world cup match.

Eknath Solkar

Eknath Solkar is without a doubt India’s best fielder ever. This late cricketer was the first Indian cricketer who help India win a match only because of his brilliant fielding. He was known for his jaw-dropping catches. His outstanding performance also led India to win the match against the English team in 1971 at Ovals. This match is very special because it was the first test win of India in England.

He holds a record of taking 53 catches, and that too only in 27 matches. It is the best ratio for a non. Wicket-keeper player. He was one of the most magnificent fielders of his time.

These were the list of the top fielders of India. But the list doesn’t end here. Indian cricket is gifted with some more unbelievable fielders like Yuvraj singh, Hardik Pandya, Robin Singh, etc. These gifted assets have turned the match in India’s favour on different occasions. 

For a cricket, not all days are the same. On some days he performs amazingly with the bat or the ball but there are days when he cannot impress with it. A bad form can force him out of the team. But being good at the field is an added advantage and ensures a spot in the team.

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