Your Ticket To A Healthy Pregnancy

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I often wonder why women crave to get pregnant. With fertility clinics inundated with people ready to try anything and everything to get pregnant, I fail to understand why would someone want to go through so much pain just to have a baby. A baby can easily adapt, but I am not a mother and will never know the feeling until I become one. But I can know more by talking to mothers. Talking to several pregnant women has made me able to point out one common factor i.e. they will do anything for their baby.

 Mothers swarmed with love for the little ones growing inside them often neglect their own health and wellbeing. I wish I could make them realize that how important they are to the world, whether or not they give birth. One thing that will make all the pregnant ladies take care of themselves is “Your well-being can guarantee your baby’s wellbeing”. To lead a healthy pregnancy and to give birth to a healthy baby you will have to maintain a healthy self.

 Get Pregnant At The Right Time

This one is for all the ladies wanting to get pregnant either due to societal pressure or their own desire. Don’t rush things, calm yourself and focus on yourself first. Getting pregnant is not always in control, sometimes you are avoiding conceiving but conceive anyways, sometimes you are craving to get pregnant but nature has other things in store for you.

But as much as you can control, try having a baby when you are at the right place, at the right time, in the right state of mind, and with the right partner. Having a baby is no easy feat and you alone can not handle and fight everything. So try conceiving when you are actually ready and your decision will show its positive effects on your and your baby’s health. 

 Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

 Weight gain is inevitable in pregnancy but gaining the right amount of weight can be in your control. Eating everything and anything just because you crave it isn’t the key to a healthy pregnancy. Gaining the right amount of weight allows your baby to grow to the right size. Maintaining a healthy body weight even before pregnancy is important for your and your baby’s health.

 Gaining too much weight during pregnancy can lead to gestational diabetes. It also increases your risk of getting type 2 diabetes and hypertension later in life.

 Here is a guide to how much weight you should gain during pregnancy, depending on your pre-pregnancy weight

Pre-pregnancy  weight

Optimum  weight to gain
Underweight  (BMI less than 18.5)

28  to 40 pounds
Normal  weight (BMI of 18.5 to 24.9)

25  to 35 pounds
Overweight  (BMI of 25 to 29.9)

15  to 25 pounds
Obese  (BMI of 30+)

11  to 20 pounds

Exercise Regularly

 With everyone advising you to just rest, rest and rest, I advise you otherwise. Move a little! This moving will help in curbing the pain and will eventually help in making your delivery easier. Exercising during pregnancy is proven to help in maintaining a healthy body weight for you and your baby, prevent gestational diabetes, reduce backaches and leg pains, and reduce the chances of postpartum depression.

 Simple exercises that do not require much movement can be your way to go. Swimming, walking, cycling, and yoga can be your best bet.

 Eat Well

 Eating well shouldn’t be associated with weight gain and weight loss only. The befits of eating well exacerbate its effects on just the weight. Eating healthy food will give all the nutrients required for the nourishment of your baby. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals can be your best friends during pregnancy. Load your plate with lean meat, vegetables, and fruits, and avoid excessive fat and sugars.

 Eating well also includes drinking well. Drinking plenty of water, fruit juices and green smoothies can ensure good health for you and your baby. Everybody has their own nutritional requirements and the best way to get assessed and advised regarding this is to consult a nutritionist.

 Don’t Miss Your Medications And Supplements

 Food alone can not do much, provided that the food you are eating is all processed and void of the essential nutrients. But you need not worry, supplements are here to rescue. Certain nutrients like calcium, folate, zinc, and iron hold eminent importance in pregnancy. These can be easily consumed through supplements, ensuring your baby’s healthy growth.

 A healthy lifestyle can not replace your need for proper medication as advised by your doctor. These medications are important to keep all your body functions in check.

 Your Next Step

 The first step towards a healthy pregnancy is to consult the best nutritionist through Nobody can give you better advice than a doctor. You can have some health complications which might require medical attention so do not hesitate in booking an appointment now.

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