Winstrol and Anavar are two Steroids for Sale that belong to the category of anabolic steroids and both are quite famous and similar in their abilities to burn extra fat deposits and gain lean muscle mass. Beginners are often confused and keep on wondering that which one is better. We will discuss different aspects of two steroids to establish a conclusion either winstrol or anavar?

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  1. Chemical structure:

With regards to chemical structures both Winstrol and Anavar are chemically same as they both are derivatives of di-hydro testosterone. They have slight differences but both posses excellent anabolic but weak androgenic properties steroid.

  1. Available forms:

Anavar is mostly produced and consumed in table form. Injectable form is still there but less common. Winstrol is manufactures in pill and injection form.

  1. Potent:

If we talk about which one is more powerful than a unanimous vote of bodybuilders is for Winstrol. It builds more lean muscle and trims more fat than Anavar. On papers or in literature Anavar is said to have more anabolic potential but in reality, it is reverse. Although, the difference is not huge but Winstrol has the edge.

  1. Fat loss potential (subcutaneous and visceral both):

Steroids target fats but not all of them have the ability to target both types of fat that is sub-cutaneous (underneath the skin) or visceral (around organs). Some melt underneath skin fat and make abs prominent but they also increase the visceral fat content leading to a bloated mid-section of the bodybuilder’s body referred as steroid gut look. winstrol and Anavar melt both types of fats giving a tiniest possible waistline. Any fitness freak prioritizing looks over gains winstrol and Anavar is their steroid of choice.

  1. Aromatization:

Winstrol and Anavar do not aromatize and are weak estrogenic and this is the reason they do not cause visceral fat deposition. 

  1. Fluid retention:

No aromatization and inability to converts in to estrogen are the key factors because of which both winstrol and Anavar both do not retain water and help in achieving a dried look. as low estrogen levels help in achieving a di-uretic effect.

  1. Muscle definition and vascularity:

Winstrol and Anavar both as they reduce extra-cellular fluid levels and gives a dried look helps in improving the muscle definitions and make veins look more prominent.

  1. Muscle gains:

It is estimated that Anavar helps in gaining around 10lbs of lean muscles with the very basic dose and in first cycle. Winstrol shows a slight raised increments and it is around 14lbs. at the conclusion of first cycle. Bulking effects are not in comparison to the other bulking steroids but the effects are prominent because of dual action of lean muscle buildup and fat loss.

Winstrol and Anavar cycle is used as a cutting cycle by bodybuilders. They are most preferred because of no estrogenic side effects and no water or fat retention problem. They do not alter the athlete’s weight much and these are the reasons they are the last to run in a cycle prior to any event.

  1. Muscle fullness:

In this aspect the two steroids behave differently and Anavar is on a higher scale. Winstrol leads to severe intra-cellular water depletion leading to a flat muscle tone. Anavar behaves different, it shuttles the required amount inside the muscle cells maintain the shape and tone and flushing the excess outside. Anavar gives a chiseled and pumped look and winstrol gives a ripped, flat look.

Physique competitors are always looking forward to a fuller look. they will prefer Anavar because of this aspect. Winstrol on other hand despite of flushing all of the fluids outside are also capable of muscle hypertrophy that can compensate for the fullness and pumps.

  1. Side effects:

Winstrol is potent in terms of efficacy but also devastating just as the famous saying, stronger the effects worse the side effects. Winstrol causes high levels of cholesterol, testosterone suppression and liver toxicity. On the other hand, Anavar is preferred as it is relatively safe because of mild hepatotoxicity and moderate high cholesterol levels.

  1. Female friendly:

Anavar takes the lead as it is female friendly and does not cause any virilization effects and is also referred as a lady’s steroid but winstrol causes virilization and masculinization effects in females making it less favored by females.

  1. Price:

Anavar is expensive in terms of cost and winstrol is cheap.


Both are more or less same and winstrol can be use as Anavar alternative and vice versa. You can buy steroids online and it is now one’s personal preference to use which one.