Why Take Supplements? Healthy Reasons Why It’s Necessary 

The world is awash with a wide variety of dietary theories. It might be difficult to identify who is telling the truth about what we should be doing on the internet because it is so large and constantly expanding (or not doing). We frequently hear medical professionals or health experts advise us to take vitamins and supplements daily. Why then do supplements exist? Are they required?

Here are six compelling arguments for why we believe you should take supplements, at the very least if you care about your health.

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1) Junk food is well-known in America

We are all aware of the negative stereotypes associated with American food consumption. We have figured out a method to make food more affordable, and frequently that involves processing it significantly. The majority of the food we consume is scarcely nutritious; it’s neither organic nor even fresh, and it’s frequently laced with dangerous ingredients like salt, fat, and sugar.

We do, of course, consume unprocessed foods like red meat and fowl, but even these are frequently loaded with GMOs, growth hormones, and who knows what else.

2) We Now Face More Toxins Than Before

When our forefathers were alive, the world was a very different place. We haven’t even talked about the intentional things we put into our bodies, yet every day we breathe in toxins that we discharge into the environment. Our bodies require additional nutrition to tolerate and resist the pollutants present in our contemporary, rapidly evolving world. When you consider all of the food we eat, which is already low in beneficial vitamins, you can see that the nutrients in food today are not up to the task.

The toxic chemicals we come into contact with on a daily basis can be mitigated by taking vitamins and supplements.

3) Manufacturers produce genetic hybrids with poor nutritional values.

Producers (the ones who grow our fruits and vegetables) are developing hybrid varieties of these foods to improve them in some way. Changing their weight, color, or even how long they remain on the shelf. This type of genetic engineering merely lowers the nutritional values. What appears to be a large, tasty orange is actually just sugar, water, and maybe indigestible cellulose.

The deficiency of nutrients from our daily consumption of fruits and vegetables can be compensated by taking nopal supplements.

4) Even Our Water is Mineral Depleted

Even our water is depleted of minerals due to the way that current water production techniques operate and the excessive use of filters. Humans have relied on nutrient-rich water sources for generations to provide the vital elements our bodies require.

In 2005, the World Health Organization made public the fact that numerous crucial elements, such as magnesium, are being taken out of the water across all of North America. Because we believe in over-filtering information from the source, we are missing out on important resources in today’s environment.

5) Social Depletion Implies Nutritional Deprivation of Our Food

The nutritional qualities of fruits and vegetables today are lower than what was available in the 1970s, according to USDA data and a report published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2004. Our soils have been severely depleted of essential nutrients as a result of commercial farming and all of the potent fertilizers we use. Worldwide as well, not just in the United States. The vital vitamins and minerals we require are increasingly deficient in the soil, which is becoming less and less nutrient-rich.

We can only eat food that is as healthy as the soil it is grown in.

6) Long-Distance Produce

A large portion of the products you find at your neighborhood grocery store was sent from other parts of the country or possibly the entire world. According to the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, some produce has lost vitamins as a result of long shipping and storage journeys before it ever reaches the retail shelves.

Occasionally, produce is harvested months or weeks before you buy it! Your best bet for getting the most nutrition is to buy locally grown, organic produce! Consider visiting farmer’s markets or even growing a garden!

Last Word

Then why do you take supplements? Sadly, eating a “decent, balanced” diet alone won’t make you healthy. The nutrition we eat is essentially below par when you combine bad dietary choices, overly processed foods, and subpar farming methods. Many people weren’t getting enough vitamin consumption, including the elderly, vegans, drinkers, and people with absorption issues.
Along with a healthy diet, you should take health supplements. Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 is one of the best health supplements which helps in a healthy lifestyle and better weight management. Taking vitamins is a crucial step towards optimum wellness, especially in today’s world!