Types of Facial Implants Available

People not proud of certain facial features may also experience self-esteem issues. That is why they look for various plastic surgeries to help reshape those features or parts to help them look and feel more attractive. Among the common plastic surgeries performed, facial implants help enhance and reshape certain facial features, giving you the best look. Therefore, if you are not proud of certain facial features, you can try various Houston facial implants, which help reshape your face and give you the look you have always desired. Common types of facial implants include:

Chin implants

In most cases, a chin implant focuses on increasing the prominence and size of your chin so that it becomes proportional to your forehead and midface. Usually, the implant is placed internally, right under your chin or lip. Those people who usually undergo a chin implant are those whose chin usually disappears into their neck because it is too small. The chin implant usually strengthens your chin and also improves your facial profile. When your chin fails to develop fully, it weakens, thus creating an imbalance in your face making your midface top-heavy, your nose looks larger, de-emphasizing the lips, and making your lower face appear short.

Molar/cheek implants

The reason for having a cheek implant is to increase the projection of your cheekbones. Individuals with weak facial bone structures use this type of facial implant. With a cheek implant, your cheekbones usually change from flat to more full structures. Since the molar region usually projects more than any other part of your face, the molar implant is placed above your cheekbone to help optimize the outcomes. In most cases, when your cheekbone is hollow, you appear older than your actual age; that is why cheek implants are used to make your cheekbone structure fuller.

Jaw implant

A jaw implant is like a chin implant because it creates a more prominent and fuller-looking jaw. The purpose of your implants is to enhance your bone structure, and the jaw implant is placed on your jawline, which is often associated with an attractive masculine outlook. A jaw implant is usually placed together with a chin implant to give you a fuller lower face.

Nasal implant

Nasal implants usually focus on reshaping your nose. It also supports the lower lateral and upper nasal cartilage, thus creating an open airway that makes it quite easy for you to breathe sufficiently. This type of implant is popular among individuals with breathing problems due to defects that persist to adulthood or trauma. After undergoing the procedure, you experience reduced stuffiness and congestion, reduced blockage, improved sleeping habits, and improved ability to breathe efficiently.

You can therefore undergo facial implants if you are not content with certain features of your face. However, you and your care provider should perform certain evaluations to help determine whether you are a good candidate for facial implants. Of importance to note is that facial implants are good for people whose skull and head are completely mature. Therefore, if you have undergone an injury that has damaged your skull and are interested in reshaping your face using facial implants, you can consult Dr. John Freeman to help determine the best type of facial implant that suits your needs.