Top 6 Reasons Your Pap Smear is Abnormal

Gynecologists recommend getting regular pap smears to be a head of cervical cancer. However, an abnormal pap does not automatically indicate you are enduring cancer. Other factors can make your test results come abnormal. Atlanta abnormal pap smears and HPV specialists can help you know what to expect from a pap smear and how to interpret the results. Although an abnormal pap smear’s can give you a major health scare, it is better than failing to get the test. You can fully recover from some common reasons for an abnormal pap smear’s. Check out these common reasons why your pap smear results came abnormal.

Cervical Dysplasia

Your pap smear can indicate abnormal changes in your cervical cells. Your provider can recommend additional tests to confirm your diagnosis after an abnormal pap smear. However, cervical dysplasia is not yet cancer and can only advance when left untreated. Therefore, an abnormal pap smear indicating the condition can be lifesaving. Your doctor can determine the stage of cervical dysplasia to recommend effective treatments. You might only need regular exams and monitoring for mild symptoms. However, advanced cervical dysplasia stages can warrant a procedure to remove the cells.

Human Papillomavirus

Most abnormal pap smears are due to human papillomavirus (HPV). As one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, HPV shows no signs and affects both women. Discussing the results with your partner when they indicate the infection is crucial. Fortunately, HPV can clear on its own without advanced treatments. However, it can also increase the chances of certain cervical cancer. Your doctor might need additional pap smears to monitor HPV until it disappears.

Other STDs

Some sexually transmitted diseases besides HPV can also produce abnormal pap smear results. Trichomoniasis is one of the common reasons for abnormal pap smears, especially for women between 16 and 35 years old. Additionally, you can experience vaginal discharge, vaginal odor, and vaginal itching if the condition is to blame for your abnormal pap smear. Fortunately, the condition can be managed through antibiotic treatment. Do not hesitate to seek a pap smear to confirm the condition if you experience the additional symptoms mentioned.


Vaginal infections are other common reasons your pap smear results can be abnormal. Watch for additional symptoms like an infection, such as odorless discharge and vaginal itching. Fortunately, treatments are available depending on the type of infection you are enduring. Your doctor can also order additional tests to eliminate other possible reasons for your symptoms.

Cervical Cancer

Most cervical cancers are diagnosed through a pap smear. Remember that most forms of cancer tend to have fewer or no symptoms until they are advanced. Getting regular pap exams can help catch the condition early for effective management. Also, remember that an abnormal pap smear can be due to cervical dysplasia, which can be effectively managed before it turns cancerous.

Harmless Reasons

Some reasons for abnormal pap smears are harmless. It can be due to poor preparations or lab errors. For example, getting a pap smear after recently having sex can alter the results. Also, menstruation can affect your cervical cells. Additionally, taking a bath close to your appointment or using a tampon can affect your results.

A pap smear is a crucial test for every woman. Working with specialists can help you understand the results and what to do in different situations. Contact the Ideal Gynecology specialists for more information.

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