Tips on Helping Your Child With ADD During Study Time

The school season is picking up, which means more classwork and busier schedules for students. This can lead to a lot of stress for children, especially kids who are trying to manage ADD symptoms. Because this learning difference can make it harder for children to focus, they can get overwhelmed with school and studying. However, simple steps can help them succeed.

Set Up A Homework Station

The best things you can offer a child with ADD are support and structure. Look into natural anxiety medication for children and give them a space and a routine that sets the tone for learning and studying. Schools offer this through classroom settings. At home, make sure there is a designated homework station set up for children. 

This area should be away from distractions. Take out televisions and games that can become temptations to a child who needs to study. If you have several children studying, you may need multiple spaces so children who have different learning needs can be accommodated. Age could also play a factor in this. Learn about adhd symptoms in 13 year olds and other ages to see what works.

As you build the homework station, invest in comfortable furnishings that your child won’t mind spending an extended amount of time using. This helps encourage them to stay in their space. Your study space should also have all the supplies a child needs to do their work. Pens, pencils, paper, glue or anything else they need should be at hand.

The homework area should also include a schedule or calendar for your student. Write out when bigger assignments are due and display the information in the study area. Clear deadlines and goals can keep children with ADD on track by giving them something to focus on.

Motivate With Rewards

As your children do well with staying focused and accomplishing their goals, take the time to reward them. This is a good way to keep them motivated. You can show them that they can get nice things by putting in the work needed to do well in school and in life.

Rewards can be as simple as study breaks, trips to the ice cream parlor or the occasional new toy. You don’t have to make these gifts a big deal, but you want to let the child know that you see the hard work they are putting in and you are proud of what they’re doing.

Evaluate What Works

As you go through the school year, don’t be afraid to make changes to what you started with. Sometimes you will find that a certain setup just doesn’t work for your child. Adjustments can be easy to make with a bit of planning. If you are still having difficulty, look into over the counter meds for ADHD child symptoms. That extra support can be a game changer for a student who is trying their best.

Navigating school with ADD can feel like a big task for students, but the path forward can be found with the right support. Invest time into setting up your child for success and see how well they thrive.