The Different Shades of Discolored Teeth, Their Appearance, and Causes

Tooth staining can be unsightly and embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be. In most cases, tooth staining can be easy to get rid of, usually with the help of dental treatment from Rocky Mountain House. But, before you go running to your dentist, you might want to know why your teeth look stained. What could be causing it? The tint and presence of tooth discoloration can usually give you a decent knowledge of what has triggered it. You may wonder why you should get into this. Well, teeth discoloration can lead to the development of different oral and additional health conditions. The problem is that people are unaware of whether the staining is superficial or a severe issue. If you visit your dentist with some knowledge, you will know why having white teeth is critical and that you need to maintain them.

Foods, beverages, and other consumable items

Cosmetic dentistry is a field that formulated procedures to help people achieve and maintain aesthetically appealing smiles. You can try Melville, NY Philips Zoom teeth whitening procedure to experience the effect. It will be helpful even if exposure to foods and beverages like coffee, tea, cola, cigarettes, wine, and other chromogenic agents has caused your teeth to appear dull or yellow. In excess exposure, brown or burnt orange tooth staining may occur.

When dark-colored substances, such as nicotine in tobacco products or tannins in coffee and tea get stuck within the tooth’s enamel, your teeth become stained or discolored. Consuming things that are dark in colors, such as blackberries, cranberries and blueberries, grapes, soy sauce, and others, can also lead to the same consequences. Although the degree of staining depends on the level of regular consumption, it is better to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after eating or drinking any such item. Generally, this type of staining covers the entire dental line, but if you have fillings, they can bear the most impact. 

As hinted earlier, the Zoom teeth whitening method can be helpful for you. You can visit your trusted local clinic for this treatment, which usually takes an hour to complete in one sitting and delivers the expected results soon. It is a pretty painless and safe experience. The dentist uses a dental gel and laser light to remove stains from your teeth and return the desired whiteness. If you don’t have time, you can also request your doctor for a home kit, which will not be as convenient and efficient as this considering it requires adherence to some strict dental discipline without any professional physical help. Nevertheless, if you stick to the application and cleaning guidelines, the outcome can still be better than the random over-the-counter whitening solutions.

Medicinal compounds

Tetracycline-based discoloration can be yellow-brown or blue-grey. The pattern of discoloration can be varied, appearing as lines, broad bands, etc. However, tooth spots are white to brownish when caused by fluorosis. They also appear pitted due to losing original tooth structure and cover multiple teeth. If these compounds are ingested by a child while developing teeth, there may be permanent staining as the tooth tissues form. However, this staining depends on the duration, amount, and timing of exposure to such compounds during development.

Experts say that doctors should not recommend antibiotics like tetracycline to kids under eight years of age and pregnant ladies. Even adults can succumb to teeth discoloration issues if they consume such compounds for a long time. While staining caused by these agents tends to be stubborn, professional teeth whitening solutions like Zoom can still be effective. The bleaching process can break down the staining formation on the surface, leaving a bright smile on your face. However, you must speak to your dentist to know how much time this type of case may require and how long the results would last. You can also inquire about risks and side effects to mentally prepare.


As you age, teeth are normal to lose their white appeal and turn yellow or brown. This change can be partly attributable to a diet consisting of tea, coffee, cola, and tobacco. Then, aging also causes your enamel to become thin, due to which the darker dentin gets exposed lying under it. Dentin sees color changes and turns darker due to the physiological changes. The age-related discoloration will usually have a similar impact across the teeth, with some having darker or lighter shades. However, the good news is that solutions like Zoom whitening can work in this case. The best way to obtain satisfactory results is to get it done at a clinic. But home kits can also work if not as well as the professional in-office treatment.

Tooth decay

Do you notice any chalky white area forming on your tooth? It is something to look out for, as this could signify that a new cavity is trying to develop in or around it. White spot lesions are the earliest sign and appear when plaque sits on a tooth’s surface long enough to use up all its vital minerals and deteriorates. Areas that are hard to clean, such as the space below your gum line and around your braces, are most susceptible. In these cases, you would want to talk to your dentist to find a suitable treatment. If there are cavities, you may need to opt for filling. Nevertheless, your dentist should be able to guide you based on the condition of the discoloration and dental health.

These are only a few examples leading to the issue or risk of teeth discoloration. While some things may not be under your control, you can always ensure better health for your teeth and gums by maintaining proper hygiene standards and lifestyle habits. Brushing and flossing daily, staying away from sugary or anything acidic, avoiding smoking and alcohol, and others can be helpful. With this, you also need to visit your dentist at least once a year for a checkup. These basic practices can go a long way in ensuring sound dental health and overall well-being for you. So, make sure you don’t skimp in these areas.