Revitalize your Appearance with Laser Resurfacing

The skin undergoes different changes that you may somehow be unable to control. Acne, scars, and wrinkles are just among the few of those changes. Brittney Gast RN, BSN, a skin specialist, employs the latest innovation of laser technology to eliminate scars from your skin and improve the texture. The specialist can use different laser resurfacing methods to boost your appearance depending on your skin goals and type. Eliminate the flaws distorting your skin and look forward to elastic, smooth, and toned skin.

What Conditions can Laser Resurfacing Address?

Laser skin resurfacing entails procedures that work to reduce wrinkles, scars, and even your skin tone. The treatment can also remove malignant and benign lesions. You can benefit from laser resurfacing if you have age spots, birthmarks you wish to eliminate, and skin damaged by the sun. However, you may not qualify for a laser resurfacing procedure if you have active acne, deep wrinkles, or excessive skin.

Are there Forms of Laser Resurfacing?

Two techniques fall under laser resurfacing. Firstly, carbon dioxide laser resurfacing goes back a long way. Commonly known as CO2 resurfacing, it involves using ultra pulsed beams that remove skin layers without damaging the unaffected areas. The method has successfully treated scars, warts, and other skin conditions. Secondly, erbium laser resurfacing removes superficial wrinkles and deep frown lines. It presents fewer and minimal injuries like redness, swelling, and bruising, which makes your recovery rapid. Erbium can be the best pick for you if you have a darker skin tone.

How can you prepare for Laser Resurfacing?

You may need to follow some recommendations before having a laser resurfacing procedure. The first step your doctor will take may include a comprehensive physical examination to determine the changes that will suit you depending on the thickness and tone of your skin. You may then get instructions like avoiding exposure to the sun without protection as it may lead to irregular skin coloring in the treatment areas. Another vital education may be avoiding smoking some weeks before your laser treatment to reduce complications and allow the body to heal. You can also arrange your ride home if your procedure requires sedation.

What are the Potential Risks of Laser Resurfacing?

Every procedure has risks that may include scarring, infections, and burns from lasers. You may also develop itchiness, swelling, and redness that may last for months.

What can you expect after Laser Resurfacing?

After the side effects wear off, you will undoubtedly notice changes in the quality of your skin and appearance. Non Ablative laser results seem to progress over time and are more noticeable in pigment and texture than in fine lines and wrinkles. You should care for your skin and keep it from sun exposure after a resurfacing procedure. The sun’s damage tends to reverse and affect the results, so use sunscreen daily.

You can get laser resurfacing at Natural Obsession Aesthetics for any skin irregularities. The doctors have experience targeting your affected area and peeling off thin layers, leaving your skin smooth and firm. Call or visit the facility today to enjoy the benefits of this advanced procedure. You can also make your appointment online.