Our Guide To Indoor Cycling Shoes 2022

Exercise is essential when it comes to maintaining health and well-being, and with so many options to choose from, whether you prefer going to the gym, getting out into the great outdoors, or working out from the comfort of your own home, you can move your body in a way that you enjoy most. Cycling is a low-impact sport that is accessible for many – no matter your level of fitness. Read on for our guide to the best cycling shoes for comfort and performance.

New to cycling?

Cycling is becoming one of the most popular sports – whether you’re using your bike to get from A to B, you’re training more seriously for a race, or to improve your health and fitness. There are even options for those of us that prefer a stationary workout, with spin classes and indoor bikes that you can use at home. If you’re not a fan of getting out on the open road, or you’d prefer to get your workout done quickly and efficiently, an indoor bike could be the best option for you.

If you think you’d like to give cycling a go, you might be wondering how it can benefit you. The most obvious benefit is burning calories – if you are looking to lose weight, any type of cycling can help you to burn up those calories, which leads to weight loss over time. Cycling provides a low-impact workout for your bones and joints, so if you are recovering from an injury, cycling could be a great option for rehabilitation. It can also help you to work on specific muscles, building them up to be stronger and leaner. And it’s not just your physical health that will benefit you – exercise of any kind can help you to reduce your stress levels and clear your mind.

How to find the best cycling shoes

So, now you’ve made your decision to take up indoor cycling, you’re going to need to think about the equipment you’ll need to support your body during your workout. One of the main pieces of equipment you’ll need to choose is your indoor cycling shoes. Here are a few features that you should look out for when choosing the perfect pair.


This is essential when it comes to your new cycling shoes. You should try them on before you make your purchase to make sure they fit correctly – you should ensure that they are comfortable first and foremost. Your cycling shoes will come with stiff soles, unlike other sports shoes, so if they are uncomfortable to start with, there’s little chance that they are going to become more flexible over time. One of the main features to look and feel for is support, this means you can reduce the risk of injury and improve overall comfort. There should be room to wiggle your toes, and you should also make sure that they fit the back of the foot comfortably, your shoe should not side up and down the heel.


As we’ve mentioned above, the sole on your cycling shoes will be stiff, as this will help to support your foot during rides and provide plenty of traction when you need it. The stiffer the soles, the more power will be transferred from you into the pedals, powering your workout more efficiently. Sometimes, indoor bike shoes are made with a more flexible sole, to allow you to walk to and from your spin bike without slipping – however, if you’re looking for maximum power transfer, it’s best to choose a shoe with a solid sole.

The stiffness of the sole doesn’t just have an impact on the feel of the shoe, it also affects the price. If the shoe is made with a lighter sole, they tend to be more expensive. If you’re just starting out with indoor biking, you could choose a shoe with nylon soles, which will be more affordable than the high-end shoes that often feature a carbon sole.

Fastening systems

There are a few closures or fastening systems that you can choose with your indoor cycling shoes, and some can seem quite difficult to get your head around, so here are some of the most popular options to choose from:

  • Ratchets: This type of fastening is more precise than Velcro but still affordable. It keeps the shoe secure to your foot but be aware that you may find it more difficult to loosen when you’re riding, as it can take two hands.
  • Laces: This closure system is simple and is exactly as you’d find on your regular sports shoes – riders say that laces offer a more comfortable ride and allow you to tighten and loosen your shoes with ease. Be sure that you tuck your laces away so that they don’t get caught in your wheels.
  • Velcro: This is the cheapest, and arguably the best option for those that are new to indoor cycling – they make the shoe more affordable. However, if you are looking for durability, this shoe may not be the best option, and they tend to be more difficult to adjust during your workout.
  • Dial closures: These fastenings look exactly like you’d expect round dials that keep the straps attached and in place. These are often featured on more expensive indoor shoes andoffer a good level of security. If you’re looking to invest in a shoe, BOA dial closures are some of the best on the market.

Why do you need them?

Yes, it can be time-consuming trying to find the perfect indoor cycling shoe, but they are essential when it comes to getting the most from your workouts. It is possible to wear any time of shoes on an indoor bike, however, a cycling shoe can add to your experience. They offer additional support to your feet and the solid soles allow for maximum power. They also help to keep you safe by securing your feet onto the bike. For a comfortable ride and improved performance, cycling shoes are a must have.