Notable Benefits of Invisalign

Everyone admires having a great smile as it gives you confidence and boosts self-esteem. However, some conditions interfere with people’s smiles affecting their confidence. For example, crooked teeth cause an unpleasant smile and improper bite. Also, they can cause jaw problems like wearing out of the enamel. However, all is not lost. With San Leandro Invisalign® , you can be sure to correct your dental issues. Read on to understand the benefits that come along with using them.

It allows better dental hygiene

Removable aligners are best for your oral hygiene. As opposed to other traditional methods, it maintains dental hygiene as it does not allow food particles to stick in the brackets. It is easy to carry out the daily routine of brushing your teeth. You can also clean inside and outside your aligner to prevent bacteria from building up there.

Boost self-confidence

Invisalign gives someone confidence as your smile looks attractive. It improves your aesthetic value. In most cases, teenagers with no straight smile have low confidence. It is also made invisibly; therefore, no one will identify that you are straightening teeth.

You eat whatever you want

In some treatments, people are limited in what they can eat. For instance, in traditional braces, there are some foods you cannot eat or chew. For instance, some of the food can get stuck in brackets. Moreover, brackets can break your teeth while you try to break hard foods. However, in Invisalign, you can eat and drink whatever you like because you can remove the aligner and eat every food you want. After eating, you will only need to brush your teeth and fix them.

Fix dental problems

Invisalign helps in overall dental health. Overcrowding of teeth increases dental problems. Crooked teeth cause food particles to remain even after brushing, leading to tooth decay. When one has a tooth decay problem, it causes loss of teeth which worsens your dental outlook. Invisalign helps eliminate the problem by maintaining healthy teeth free from bacteria.

Fewer Dental Visits

When using traditional brackets, you must frequently visit the doctor for checkups. The dentist usually checks whether the brackets are in order. The appointment may also include replacing wires and tightening the brackets. The aligners are measured to fit well in your teeth. You will always need fewer checkups where the doctor only checks if the aligners are straightening your teeth.

Prevent Potential Future issues

Orthodontic Invisalign treatment helps in future dental problems. It also reduces dental visits as your teeth will always be healthy and free from diseases. It also helps in preventing tooth decay resulting from poor hygiene. With crooked teeth brushing well is ineffective, causing gum disease, eventually leading to tooth loss.

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