Medical Waste Removal Services

Alternatives for the Disposal of Medical Waste in the Orlando Neighborhood:

5 Benefits of Proper Hospital Waste Disposal - Medical Waste by Secure Med  LLC

Medical Waste Removal Services

We are here to help Floridians from Sanford to Titusville and even further afield protect what is essential to them with solutions that are customized to meet the requirements that are unique to them.

When you choose to collaborate with Stericycle, you are picking a partner who is in possession of the resources necessary to continue to be by your side about your medical treatment regardless of whether or not the conditions are favorable. Our services were developed to provide you with comfort in addition to compliance, which will let you focus on ensuring that your facility continues to run effectively in the manner in which it has been doing so.

We offer our services of medical waste removal in Orlando Florida to businesses of every imaginable size and ensure that we comply with all of the state and federal regulations that regulate waste management.

Stericycle, a firm that has been in business for more than 30 years, provides essential services that contribute to the safety of communities from hazardous wastes, the promotion of access to healthcare, and an increase in both the level of safety and happiness experienced by consumers. Medical Waste Disposal In Orlando Florida can help to control the trash in Orlando which can ultimately help in health care and in a better living.

The following is a list of some of the services that we are able to provide for you:

  • Disposal of Biohazardous Medical Waste provides specialized solutions to handle the collection, transportation, treatment, pickup, and disposal of biohazardous wastewater for establishments of all types in your local area in your community. These solutions are available in your community.
  • Compliance with HIPAA and OSHA Requirements – Tailored in-person training alternatives, in addition to web-based training choices, to aid in ensuring that both facilities and staff are in accordance with these regulations.
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Solutions is a comprehensive pharmaceutical and restricted drug waste disposal service with the mission of protecting both humans and the environment by removing unused medication from circulation in an appropriate manner.
  • Sharps Disposal Solutions provides individualized full-service, self-service, and mail-back sharps disposal solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure the correct and safe disposal of needles and syringes. You can choose from among these options based on your preference and the level of assistance you require.
  • COVID-19 Garbage Disposal – Find out how we have been helping healthcare and non-healthcare groups in your town dispose of their COVID-19 waste, such as the medical waste and PPE garbage that has been generated as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. COVID-19 Trash Disposal – Find out how we have been helping healthcare and non-healthcare groups in your town dispose of their COVID-19 waste.

Even exempt facilities:

You are required to obtain a permit first, then maintain records for a period of one year, then provide evidence that you qualify for an exemption, and last, you must produce.