Is Surrogacy Legal in Mexico or Not?

Surrogacy is a breakthrough in the world of science, but, unfortunately, the services of a surrogate mother can`t be used freely in all countries. In some states, surrogacy is prohibited by law.  Surrogacy in Mexico, the same as in America, is governed by not federal law but state law.  In most states of Mexico, surrogacy is allowed for everyone and is not considered a crime.  That is why the services of the agency of surrogacy in Mexico World Center of Baby can be used legally.

Surrogacy Legal in Mexico

Working with the company you will be satisfied with the professionals who will accompany you during the gestational period of the surrogate mother.

What are the Benefits of Working with the World Center of Baby?

The company provides maternity services to people who cannot have children due to health problems. The possibility to get a child is open for everyone, that is why you can also use the surrogate mother services if you are a gay couple. The World Center of Baby is an international agency. Both foreigners and locals can use the agency’s services.

The Surrogacy in Mexico service will provide you with a healthy baby. All surrogate mothers are prepared women who know what they are going for. Every surrogate mother has already given birth successfully, which predicts a high probability of giving birth to a healthy baby for the client. In addition, surrogate mothers lead a healthy lifestyle and are completely healthy. They undergo special testing and regular medical examinations. A surrogacy agency in Mexico offers you to choose a perfect surrogate mother according to your criteria.

Surrogacy Agency in Mexico: Does it Cost Much?

Most people use surrogacy in Mexico because the services here are cheaper than in other countries – one can easily find a candidate at the best price.  Although at first glance it may seem that the procedure is expensive, the cost of surrogacy in Mexico corresponds to the cost of the procedure. After all, if you live abroad, the money will also be spent on transporting your biological data. The services of a surrogate mother are also not cheap, because childbirth is traumatic for a woman’s body. On average, you will pay 70,000$ – 107,000$.

You will also be able to constantly communicate with the mother who will give birth to your child. You can receive a monthly medical report on the current condition of the mother. So you will be sure that the artificial pregnancy goes smoothly.

You will always be safе working with the company. Surrogacy laws in Mexico allow you to use the services of a surrogate mother and not have problems with the law. At your service are professional lawyers who are always ready to protect your rights.

Before choosing a surrogate mother, you will receive a free consultation and will be able to decide whether to use the services of the clinic or not. Once you have made your decision you will need to apply and you will be contacted immediately.

If you are interested in the experience of other people who have already become parents through surrogacy, you can go to the forum and learn various details.

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