Is It Easier to Get Pregnant After Failed IVF?

The IVF procedure is a very intricate procedure with its success depends upon a lot of different factors. It is also expensive, mentally demanding and perceived as a last resort by couples who cannot naturally conceive. With only a global average success rate of 55%, there is bound to be a high chance of it failing. The disappointment of a failed IVF can be very tough on the couple. 

Most couples may opt out of a second attempt and opt for other methods or to try to conceive naturally. As with any other process, you may have heard myths and rumours about IVF. 

What are the chances of conceiving naturally after IVF? Is it true that there is a higher chance for women to be naturally pregnant after an IVF? Is it possible at all? 

This blog addresses these lingering doubts regarding pregnancy after a failed IVF. 

Is Natural Pregnancy Possible After a Failed IVF?

Choosing IVF does not always mean that they are not fertile. Neither does it mean that the chance of conceiving naturally is zero. Many different factors may cause infertility. It may be an issue with the woman or the man. It may be due to an underlying condition or unknown factors. The reason why IVF failed also is linked to many different factors and the perfect timing of all of them coming together. One failed IVF does not mean that the chances of success the second time are zero. 

A natural pregnancy is very much possible after one failed IVF. 

Let Us Look at the Odds of a Natural Pregnancy after one Failed IVF Cycle

A failed IVF can be disappointing and frustrating. However, it is not the end of the road. One failed cycle does not mean any more attempts are bound to fail. There is strong data to suggest that the chances of success of an IVF progressively improve up to 5 cycles. The first cycle has a 21% chance of success. The second cycle has a 30% chance of success, while the fifth cycle has up to a 40% chance of success. 

This increase in success rate can be attributed to many different reasons. It may be the improved response of the body to the procedure or better health of the egg or sperm. It can be a positive difference in any of the factors involved in the IVF procedure. 

Are the odds of conceiving naturally higher after a Failed IVF? 

A failed IVF does not seal your fate of having a child. It is merely one failed medical attempt whose success is determined by various factors. However, there is also a commonly held belief that the chances of getting pregnant naturally are higher after a failed IVF. Let us look at a recent study that sheds some light on this. 

According to a Recent Study…

A recent study among 2133 women at a prominent fertility clinic sheds some light on whether or not there is a higher chance for a natural pregnancy after a failed IVF. The study concluded that in five years following the failed IVF, one in seven (15%) women had the chance of conceiving naturally in the early years, while one in six(17%) women had the chance of conceiving naturally when compared to women who had a successful IVF treatment leading to birth. 

While this is a hope for most couples who are recuperating from a failed IVF cycle, there is much to be interpreted about this data. However, a couple of factors play a significant role in the results. 

What leads to this higher chance..?

  • Increased Motivation: Couples with unsuccessful IVF would likely be more frequent in their attempts to try for a baby. With more attempts, the chances of a successful conception are also higher. 
  • Different bodily responses: With IVF, there are different conditions the body goes through to make the pregnancy possible. Even though the first attempt failed, the body may become more receptive and conceive naturally. 
  • Better health: With IVF demanding both parents to be in better health to have a successful cycle, it may lead to better outcomes for further attempts without assistance. 

These are some reasons couples could naturally conceive after a failed IVF. 

Summing Up

IVF is not a guarantee of having a child. It may succeed or fail. Despite the best efforts from doctors and hospitals, the procedure may fail. It can be disheartening, but not the end of the road. 

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