How to Lose Weight 

There are common misconceptions on how to lose weight. We hear it all the time, “Consume less calories than you burn,” That certainly sounds easy enough. However, it can be a huge contributing factor in chronic obesity. The human body is a complex, fine tuned organism designed to survive. It has built-in reactions for any threat perceived to its survival. Consuming less calories than the body is burning can be conceived as a threat. 

Teaching the body how to lose weight can be confusing. When the body is fed it maintains a metabolism to use, discard and save nutrients as it perceives its needs. When a healthy body is fed consistently it perceives no danger to its survival and uses most of the nutrients and maintains minimal storage. The stored nutrients are usually in the form of fat. If the body becomes ill or injured it slows down its metabolism and draws on these reserves for continued health and life, this condition is called Ketosis. Stored fat is for that ‘rainy day’ when the body isn’t getting the adequate nutrition. So when a body suddenly gets less calories than its use to, it automatically goes into Ketosis, slowing its metabolism, hanging onto those fat stores in order to survive this perceived famine. Check RealGoodGummies which has covered many vitamin gummies which can help you reach your weight loss goal without having to compromise with the taste. 

Think about the process of the body through a 10 day illness, injury or in this case major surgery. It is not the usual method on how to lose weight, yet it is the same process we unknowingly use. The body goes into it healthy, with minimal fat storage. The first thing is a 12 hour fast before surgery. The body hungers for nutrition and sends out hunger pangs. These are ignored for the greater cause and by the end of the 12 hours the body no longer feels hungry because it is already in Ketosis. Any non-vital function is being neglected. As the days go by and the body needs added nutrition for healing itself it draws upon its protein sources, which are the muscles, but not the fat, cause the body is still holding out for that ‘really rainy day’, this may get worse before it gets better, idea. By the time the body comes home, yes it weighs less, but the percentage of body fat to lean mass is worse than when the process first began. Once the body is fed regularly the famine is perceived to be over and the nutrients are sent back to those neglected functions. You can Check the website in the gummy vitamin niche which has covered a lot of topics on different weight loss gummies 

So the real trick on how to lose weight is not simply eating less calories than you burn, it is reassuring the body that there is no threat to its survival. Don’t skip meals. In fact if you really want to assure the body that all is well, eat more often. If the body doesn’t feel hungry before it gets food again it gets to thinking that this is a time of plenty and it doesn’t have to store any nutrients and that’s when the body begins to lose weight. Yes, eat less calories than you burn, but feed the body often. Feed the body protein and it will burn fat. Drink lots of water and the body will flush the fat out of its systems. Feed the body lots of vegetables and it will think there is a party going on, an orgy of rich nutrients and in its excitement it lets go of all that stored fat. Exercise the body and the muscles develop and demand enormous amounts of energy and suddenly the body is burning calories galore and regains its natural beauty and all is as it should be.